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If one looks closely, it becomes obvious that the issues manifesting in the outside world come from ego patterns that live inside all of humanity. It is within our power to change our ego patterns.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston
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For Love and Money (Portland) [download]
$ 55.00

For Love and Money recorded live in Portland, Oregon is available to download as MP3s. This retreat is much more than just the dissemination of information. Leslie not only distills more than a decade of her own lessons on living in the flow of authentic abundance, but she also offers a deep and profound initiation into new alignments in consciousness. Learn More

For Love and Money (Marin) [download]
$ 55.00

In this four-day retreat Leslie leads us on a voyage of discovery, focusing on two main aspects of opening to the flow: 1) exploring the new energy dynamic that is birthing in the world—that of abundant love, generosity and heart-centered consciousness, and 2) examining from a higher perspective some of the limiting patterns that block us from living a life of authentic abundance. With these two approaches, we learn how to open to the flow of divine presence.

Available as mp3 files for download (recorded live in Marin County, CA and digitally remastered). Learn More

Relationships and Enlightenment [download]

Can we enter the new paradigm that is birthing in this world when we are in relationship? We can if we understand what is involved. And how do we take our relationships beyond duality and into enlightenment? This in-depth exploration of the energy dynamics of relationship, including its implied state of co-dependence between people, is very useful for individuals seeking to wake up to the state of unity consciousness while in relationship. Learn More

Absolute Truth

Truth is a big issue for the world, both spiritually and politically. Because this is a dualistic world, absolute truth lies somewhere in the middle, between the positive and negative channels of possibility. Yet most people in the current paradigm of the world hold a relative, polarized truth and argue over who is right and who is wrong. A commitment to stand in absolute truth is essential if spiritual seekers are to create a critical mass to help shift the consciousness of the world and bring the planet into the new paradigm of heart consciousness. Leslie’s lively discussion with the audience includes the topics: bringing truth into the workplace; using discernment, rather than blind trust in our interactions with people; balancing politics and spirituality; and seeing truth from illusion. Learn More

The Art of Transformation

Humanity is making the transition from living in an old, outmoded, power-based paradigm to a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. In this four-class course, Leslie examines some of the necessary steps one must take to make the shift, shares some of the major milestones along the way and discusses the egoic patterns that block us from making this shift. Learn More

The Self-Realization Trilogy

In seeking Self-Realization, initiating and maintaining the divine flow in and through daily life is essential. Mending the schisms we hold around the issues of relationships, money and creativity is the focus of this three-evening event. Learn More

At Home in the Garden of Eden [download]
$ 24.00

What is the story of Adam and Eve really about? What are the energy dynamics of our “fallen” state? The allegory of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is the story of our incarnation, our descent into life—into dimensional existence, into our bodies, into density, into a sense of separation. When we acquired our free will and chose to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we stepped into the electromagnetic field of life itself. Good and evil are a verbal representation of the negative and positive polarity of the electromagnetic field that spins life into existence—the divided separate state. Learn More

Death, Dying and Samadhi

The fear of death casts a shadow across our lives. This fear is often unconscious and causes us to live in a tentative manner. When the fear of death is brought into conscious awareness and cleared, we are able to celebrate and enjoy life fully. Moving through our desires and fears of life and death is a major doorway beyond which we find an ever-deepening awareness of our vast, eternal nature. Learn More

Dancing With Grace

How can we use our knowledge of transcendence to change and grow in our daily lives?  In this recording, Leslie discusses the issues that block this flow of Grace, such as the fear of change and the desire for self-importance. She invites the audience to make friends with Grace and to learn to how to dance with her. Learn More

Introduction to Dissolving Infant Programming

On the journey of awakening, it becomes necessary to explore and clear early infant issues. In this introductory talk, Leslie provides guidance on how to recognize when one is dealing with infant issues. Learn More


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