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Guided Meditations

Our world has reached a decision window. On a grand-scale and in an apparently unprecedented moment of cosmic evolution, change is upon us. Are we ready to meet it?
—Leslie Temple-Thurston
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Meditation For Healing

Part of the Spiritual Warrior series. In Meditation for Healing, Leslie leads a powerful guided meditation that helps to heal the physical body, to connect you with the earth and with the universal source of healing energy, and to align and balance the chakras and subtle body. Learn More

Burning Karma—A Guided Meditation

Burning Karma is a meditation led by Leslie Temple-Thurston to assist you to enter a deep state beyond thought. Once in that deep state, you can sit and witness your karma clearing at a vibrational level. Learn More

Deep Relaxation & Expansion—A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation led by Leslie Temple-Thurston is done while lying down and helps one relax, center and open the energy flows through one's entire system. It is an ideal meditation for beginners and those who struggle with injuries or cannot sit comfortably to meditate. Learn More

Gateway to Samadhi—A Guided Meditation

Gateway to Samadhi—A Guided Meditation by Leslie Temple-Thurston prepares you for and leads you to a blissful state of unity consciousness. Learn More

Entering Timeless Unity: A Listening Meditation

This meditation assists us with gradually releasing stress, relaxing and opening to timelessness and unity consciousness. Leslie guides us to expand our awareness to encompass and contain the natural sounds of the surrounding South African bushveld. As we move deeper into meditation, we become aware of the silence between the sounds, and we become the silence which underlies all that is. Recorded in the pristine river valley within the Blyde River Canyon. Learn More

Becoming Oneness

When we enter the state known as samadhi, or unity consciousness, we enter the place of no thought, and we are privy to the whole cosmos. By moving into this space of “no mind”, we let go very deeply and experience a giving up of egoic control. As the ego dissolves, we are left with a beautiful state of pure beingness—simple, peaceful and blissful. As Leslie recorded this meditation live at an event in Johannesburg in May 2007, she was aware that many archangels and spiritual masters were present in the room, assisting and removing the shadow (negativity, anger, pain and fear) from the participants. Later, the great Indian saint, Paramahansa Yogananda, merged with her and told her that anytime someone listens to this meditation, he will be present, empower the meditation and assist with the removing of shadow. There is an extremely potent transmission of love and oneness that comes through Leslie’s words in Becoming Oneness. Learn More

Archangel Michael's Blue Lotus Meditation

Invite Archangel Michael into your life in a deep and profound way through this brief yet powerful 13-minute guided meditation. With relaxing background music and a gentle, soothing voice, Brad leads you through a centering and grounding practice into the core of the Earth and the core of your being. Learn More

The Art of Gazing - A Guided Meditation

A guided meditation with discussion led by Leslie Temple-Thurston to help you quiet the mind through the practice of gazing. Includes a yantra so you can start the practice immediately. Learn More

The New Thymus Chakra [download]
$ 13.00

The New Thymus Chakra audio set offers a new and powerful way to live in an increasingly toxic world that is threatening our health and wellbeing—both physically and spiritually. Now more than ever we need innovative and effective methods of boosting the immune system and strengthening the body’s subtle energy systems that support our physical health and wellbeing. Learn More


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