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Transformation takes a quantum leap when life becomes love-driven rather than power-driven.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston


About the Spiritual Warrior Recordings

The Spiritual Warrior recordings are a powerful series of Leslie Temple-Thurston’s teachings to assist with the journey of transformation and Self-discovery. They are profoundly helpful in giving you practical, workable ways of integrating your spiritual practice into daily, worldly activities. Though the material is interrelated, each recording stands on its own. They are imbued with a transmission of Grace that is transforming and uplifting, and we suggest repeated listening in order to fully absorb all that they contain. While we especially recommend the Spiritual Warrior series for people just beginning a spiritual path, they include timeless, invaluable information for everyone—intermediate and advanced seekers alike. 

Spiritual Warrior recordings are also a part of CoreLight’s Spiritual Warrior Training Course,  which is profoundly transformative and is a prerequisite to CoreLight's Teacher Training Program. Spiritual Warrior Training presents you with a series of perceptual doorways, which, if you choose to pass through them, prepare you to live in a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness.

You can purchase the recordings individually, whether or not you choose to register for The Spiritual Warrior Training Program.

About Guided Meditations


There are many different ways to meditate. Being flexible and creative with our style of meditation can open doorways in perception and connect us deeply to soul and Source. Meditation is a vital and valuable tool on the journey to liberation and enlightenment. It develops our capacity to go beyond our humanness and teaches us to be less attached to the mind and the personal identity. It shows us that the inner worlds are multi-dimensional and that we are mystical beings, beyond the limitations of the material world. Ultimately, as we can let go and allow the ego to dissolve, we discover the joy of life and return to the Source in states of transcendent samadhi, or unity consciousness.

Leslie Temple-Thurston’s guided meditations bring us to the knowledge of the different parts of ourselves and to our innate capacity to heal the world and ourselves. We are vast, creative beings with many resources. Becoming a profound meditator opens up these potentials in us. Ultimately meditation will lead us back to unity consciousness and oneness with Source.

About Talks on Special Topics

Special topics are edited talks from live events, many of them darshans—events that combine meditation and discussion. During darshan Leslie transmits a profound and uplifting healing energy and gives a discourse on subjects that reflect timeless, eternal truth. Leslie speaks from the state of samadhi, or unity consciousness, and her recordings carry the darshan transmission. This transmission is also present on Leslie’s in-studio recordings, which are also available on this website.

Because Leslie’s darshan talks were recorded live and not in a studio, they sometimes vary in sound quality (e.g., erratic recording levels, ambient noise). However, they cover interesting and important topics, and so we offer them in the spirit of service to enthusiastic spiritual seekers.


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