Creating Something out of “Nothing”

January 28th, 2013

Right now humanity is literally “floating” in something I would call a “creative void.” This moment in time, the aftermath of the 2012 doorway, is a deeply creative time, but it also appears to be something of a void-ness right now for most people. This is because, for developed seekers, much of the old consciousness of the third dimension has disappeared and the new consciousness has not yet revealed itself to us. We may get faint intimations of it, but it is not altogether clear—certainly not clear enough to build a new life on as yet. And yet I am sure that each of you is already wanting now to define your new reality as much as possible. So the question that arises in us is: “Can I move forward and plug into a new level of consciousness for myself?” The answer, however, is not a simple one, and it is worth looking at whatever answers you may have gleaned so far, from a very abstract place inside yourself before you lock anything into place.

changes next exit signWhile there is definitely a new kind of consciousness approaching us from “out there in the Cosmos,” so far it is eluding our old ability to define and see its presence clearly or grasp its presence fully formed. It remains more of an essence, very fluid and as yet, mostly un-seeable and ungraspable. One cannot know what it is, clearly. It is not a complete and formed “plug-in” so to speak.

I have to say I feel that the most perfect thing we can all do now is to allow ourselves to simply float in the void for awhile longer. I know that the ego tries to lock down the definitions of things so that it can feel it’s on solid ground. But that is the ego’s issue. And you are not the ego. Therefore it is most certainly viable for you to allow the emptiness and the void-ness in and around you, to slowly solidify into the new forms that are yet to come.

The ego hasn’t yet realized that if it can’t see into the void, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Emptiness is never really empty; it’s the ego’s perception that it is devoid of content. Rather, ask your deeper self what you can do with this void that’s present that would allow it to give way to a creative state of “just being” and “just allowing” yourself to be content with the emptiness—that is, until it begins to reveal its hidden forms! During times of uncertainty, most people tend to give way to fear—which is the ego’s fear of emptiness. Yet it is quite viable to turn shadow-void into creative-void!

Being creative in the void means that you play—

  • Play with your insight!
  • Jot down your most outrageous ideas but don’t solidify them.
  • Allow yourself to be still and dream into the new Presence—either in meditation or just gazing out on the landscape of your life.
  • Go out of your way to find beauty and explore your own ideas of what beauty is. It is always different for each person.
  • As you begin to assemble your feelings of what is beautiful, what is uplifting to you, what is inspirational and what would be fun for your new life to be, you are beginning to find your new self.
  • But don’t lock anything in yet!!! Ooooh no! Play some more, dream, meditate and flow with time itself as though it is an ancient and wise river—because it is!!

play and creativityPlay, because play is infinitely creative, and in combination with dreaming, it is the new foundation on which your new perception of reality and life will be birthed.

If you tend to fall into fear and grab at whatever makes itself available in the short term, process the fear. There is no such thing as voidness, no matter how it may look to your ego!! Everything is always full, and fullness is everything. There is nothing but fullness in existence. There is no such thing as emptiness. It is only the 3D ego perception that there can be empty space—it does not actually exist. If you are having difficulty getting your bearings, try to let go of the belief in the empty-full polarity, process it—it is just a polarity in the realm of ego. Then you’ll certainly find the capacity in your awareness to see into the unseen and find peace in the emptiness. Conjuring something out of what seems to be nothing, is certainly the blessed work of making the Divine’s gifts conscious.

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With great spiritual power comes great responsibility.
—Leslie Temple-Thurston