Mustangs—America’s Free Roaming Horses

© Momatiuk & Eastcott

Horses, including wild horses, have partnered with humanity throughout
history and literally ensured our survival. They need our help now.

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A prayer circle has a quantum effect. Each time one person signs it and offers the prayer, it is as though everyone in the circle is offering the prayer and in that way the effect is magnified. Below we offer an example of a prayer that can be said regularly. Please tailor it to your own use. If you are not accustomed to praying, please hold the spirit of the wild mustangs/horses in your mind and heart as a prayer. Now more than ever, they need our help.

Wild Horses in Danger of Extinction

Although horses have been integral to human survival throughout history, the free roaming horses of today are sidelined from human society and awareness. Largely unseen, free roaming horses face crisis of environment and survival.

Free roaming horses of the United States, known as Mustangs or American Wild Horses, (read a short history about them) were widely believed to be safe under Bureau of Land Management oversight.

In truth, the free roaming wild horses and burros of the United States are in danger of extinction. On public lands, horse and burro herds are being decimated and reduced to populations that are below sustainable levels or totally eliminated.

Since 1971, under greed-based, corrupt US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) policies, nearly 2 million horses have been removed from public lands, subject to hideous cruelty and slaughter. 51,000 horses are presently in captivity and are at risk of execution while round up of the 20,000 left in the wild continues. Profiteering by the long-standing practice of selling undocumented horses to slaughter, for the personal profit of BLM employees and their associates continues unseen.

This critical situation calls us to compassion and responsible engagement to change the human heart and restructure our social and governmental policies.

The unnecessary violence and waste that has been a long tradition in the western United States must end. Our times call for a new tradition of tolerance, non violence and collaboration.

Gazing Mustang
Running Mustangs*Horses are prey animals and run to protect themselves; fighting only when they are given no other option.

Collaboration is the key to survival of the species—our human species, and every species on the earth. Only through collaboration can we sustain our planet, ourselves and our ecosystem, in which every species plays an essential role. The lessons we learn now from them and from this situation will determine our own future. Now is our opportunity for peaceful co-existence on the planet.

Horses, including wild horses, have partnered with humanity throughout history and literally ensured our survival. They need our help now.

A special thank you to Alicia Nation, founder of Shaking Wind Ranch, for most of the text and images for these mustang prayer circle webpages, and especially for her love and passion for the horses—the extraordinary beings that have inspired this prayer circle. Also a huge thank you to the amazing photographers, Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott and Kimerlee Curyl, for the special permission to use their beautiful, copyrighted images. All of us at CoreLight were originally inspired to make this prayer circle page for the horses because Alicia introduced us to a very powerful and inspiring movie, Wild Horses and Renegades, which gives an excellent overview of the plight of the wild horses. You can watch the movie trailer and order the DVD.

Learn more about the wild mustangs

Some Possible Prayers

We pray for support for the wild horses.
May they be honored and acknowledged for who they are—
Their beauty, their wildness, their expansive consciousness,
their expression of freedom.
May the land they roam on continue to be theirs in perpetuity.
May humans honor them
as they have honored us
with service through the ages.

The Horses’ Prayer for Peace

May our pastures be blessed,
May our People run free
That we may help and teach humanity
To live in the heart.

Heart! Heart! To live in the heart.
Peace! Peace! That’s where it will start!
And we will teach humanity to live in the heart!

© Alicia Nation

A Silent Tear

Stand proud wild horse of the desert plain
Do not let them your spirit claim
Stand tall, stand firm, do not give in
Though domination men seek to win.

God made you strong and gave you heart
And set you free right from the start
To roam the valleys and the hills
Yet your freedom men seek to steal.

Don’t they know or can’t they see
This is where you were meant to be.
Other beasts of burden cannot compare
Nor your beauty do they share.

If we listen we might hear
The thunderous roar, the silent tear
Of slaughtered ones from the past
And understand your plight at last.

from Cherokee The Wild Mustang-US 479

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