The Seven Keys of Ascension:

Chapter One—The Journey of Ascension

Ascension is talked about a great deal nowadays, yet it is still somewhat misunderstood and also still seems to create confusion, even in the minds of individuals actively seeking it. Just hearing the word “ascension” used to evoke visions for some people of motherships coming to the rescue, or the hand of God coming down to lift us up sometime in the ominous future when it was predicted that the going would get tough. Seemingly to some, it was about being able to escape from the harsh, cruel world that was to be our lot when we reached the fast-approaching end times. Nowadays, since there is a greater receptivity to what ascension actually is, there is also a need to look more deeply and realistically at it.

In fact the experience of ascension has been with us for eons. And it is a very real, tangible and immediate experience available to us right now, should we choose it-an experience completely connected to our physical life and body. Ascension is actually another term for the experience of awakening to the state of enlightenment, or unity consciousness, our highest potential. The misunderstandings around it exist because it is definitely a non-ordinary state, difficult to define and as yet very little understood in our ordinary world.

The word “ascension” is a very graphic and literal description of the journey to enlightenment, especially when viewed from the perspective of the anatomy of the subtle physical body. This is because it describes the energetic journey in an ever-ascending path, up through the chakra levels from the root chakra to the crown chakra. While this is an inner energetic and bodily experience, it also depicts the complete transformation of our perceptions and experiences of the outer world around us. (read the complete chapter online or download a pdf)

Chapter Two—The First Key: Do Not Believe in Loss or Gain

“Do not believe in loss or gain” is our first key, and it opens the lock between the throat chakra (fifth) and the third-eye chakra (sixth). Crucial to our understanding here is not to believe the egoic programming about loss, and of course it also involves not believing in its opposite, gain, either. Loss and gain are a polarized duality and are inseparable.

Now you may truly believe that there is such a thing as loss and gain, and in the old reality it certainly appears to be true—that is, “seeing is believing”. Yet the truth of our eternal beingness is that nothing can be added to us that is not already there, and conversely nothing can be taken away from who we already are. We are perfect, complete and absolutely whole. When we know this truth, we are in our most natural state.

The idea of loss and gain is a program held in the matrix of third-dimensional egoic programming, and in a sense is nothing more than an idea held in the limited mind. Therefore it is essential on the path of Self- discovery to clear the shadow of loss and gain to find liberation from the third dimension.

Let’s look at this key in terms of our schematic of the subtle body. Our consciousness naturally perceives inter-connectedness and ultimately unity consciousness at the third eye and above, at the crown chakra. This is in addition to finding it in the core-should we be able to enter there. Below the third eye and on down through the chakras, the ego perceives duality. This is where the third eye, the one single eye, located roughly between the eyebrows, becomes the two-the dual physical eyes. This spot between the third eye and the two physical eyes is the origin of our either-or mind, the mind that flip-flops from one side of a polarity to the other. It is in this spot, below the third eye, that subtle meridians of energy begin-upward and downward flows of awareness from which we perceive duality. They rotate around, in a double-helix, surrounding and veiling the core. It is here that awareness is deceived into the program of extreme polarization of the third dimension and where our true, eternal perceiver becomes veiled and clouded. (read the complete chapter online or download a pdf)

Chapter Three—The Second Key: Forgive All Betrayals

“Forgiving all the betrayals of life” is the second key. This means all the betrayals that you have perpetrated on others, those that have been done to you, self-betrayals, and even those that you may have caused others to do to someone else.

Betrayal concerns the lock between the third chakra and the fourth chakra, between the solar plexus and the heart. This lock is a complex knot right on the diaphragm. As we seek to raise the kundalini energy up into the heart chakra, it cannot pass easily through this knot because the core is very tightly veiled here. The energy dams up, circulating instead in the abdomen, unable to make it into the heart. As we use this key and do the processing work, we are able to loosen and eventually untie this knot. In the East it is known as the knot of Vishnu. When it opened for me, my guides called it “Heaven’s Gate.” Forgiveness will open it. The vibration of forgiveness actually dissolves the hard knot and releases the contraction, so the energy can get through to your heart. It takes more than a one-time forgiveness and is more like learning to live in a continuous state of forgiveness. (read the complete chapter online or download a pdf)