Returning to Oneness

the Keys to Opening the Doorways Between the Chakras


The seven keys are simple, powerful and invaluable tools to assist us on the path of spiritual awakening—especially in the wake of these turbulent, accelerated times in which we live. Leslie has brought forward these seven precious jewels of wisdom to help speed our journey of ascension in consciousness, moving us into greater states of heart-centeredness, forgiveness, compassion and truth. The keys unlock the doorways between the chakras and allow a river of light to flow through the body, moving us into a conscious connectedness with our own inner divine nature, into the truth of who we are. They are a foundation for the teachings of non-duality and prepare us for living in unity consciousness in the body.

We have included at the end of each chapter in which one of the keys is presented a process, a prayer and a meditation. These three practical exercises assist in grounding the teachings in a solid and tangible way. We suggest that you take the time to complete the three exercises before moving on to the next chapter in order to consolidate the understanding of each key.

As the keys were originally presented in a series of taped talks that Leslie gave over the course of two years, my role has been to compile and edit the transcripts of her talks and her writings and to summarize our conversations. Leslie has also written some new material for this book which was not presented in her original talks on the subject. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist in bringing the seven keys forward. May you receive as much as I have from learning to use and live the seven keys of the ascension process.


I remember well the first time I was introduced to the concept of the seven keys as a method to support ascension in consciousness. It was during a chilly winter morning, early in February of 2000. A group of five of us were sitting together in the silence of deep meditation. We were taking a break from our busy lives to spend the first part of the new millennium in stillness, sharing a silent meditation and contemplation retreat, nestled away in picturesque Santa Fe, New Mexico. During most of the month our friend and mentor, Leslie Temple-Thurston, watched over our progress as she periodically checked in from her own home a few blocks away. Now she had come to join us for the final few days of our retreat, to enjoy some rest herself and to mentor us in processing and integrating our experiences of the previous four weeks.

We were just settling into an early morning two-hour group meditation, when suddenly Leslie surprised us all by calling out, “Stop.” This was unexpected. “Don’t you feel the way you are all blocking the flow—right here?” She pointed to the area between and a little bit above her eyebrows. “Right here at the third eye, there’s an energetic ceiling that you’re hitting up against, and it’s keeping you from opening to your full connection to source.” It was true. There it was, so subtle as to be almost imperceptible, but oppressing us nonetheless. It was a sense of being held in check, of being blocked from the full, all-encompassing, exquisite experience of Oneness that we had all come to know in deep meditation. Using our will during meditation to get past the block did not seem to work. So, we decided to stop and investigate just what it was that was creating this stuck-ness in our consciousness.

What followed was an incredible four days as Leslie revealed five of the seven keys. We worked together to comprehend how to use them to open our awareness and to come into complete alignment with the Divine. Invariably, as we finished a group meditation, Leslie would be writing, trying to get the latest download of information concretized onto paper. Then we would process and investigate how the lock had been instituted, how we held it in the body and how we could use the knowledge and understanding of the keys to unlock and unblock our awareness. We reviewed our stories and patterns about loss and gain, betrayal, faith, divine will and our identification with the ego. We felt the power of these dramas and our attachment to them and were inspired by Leslie’s own stories of how she had confronted and dealt with similar egoic patterning.

Over the subsequent weeks and months Leslie brought forward the two final keys. All of the information became more clarified and complete as she shared the knowledge with her students and with those who attended her public events. As a teacher of transformation, Leslie has a rare and wonderful gift, or “specialty” you could call it. In addition to giving public talks and darshans, she is an amazing mentor to those who are truly committed to their spiritual awakening, as she painstakingly guides them into deeper and more profound levels of self-inquiry and awareness of their own unique God-direct path. These keys are for everyone who has a passion for ascending and awakening into the fullness of who they are. They are a gift from Spirit, made available by a rare and wonderful being.

The above is an excerpt from Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys of Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin. It is available for purchase through the CoreLight webstore • ISBN: 0-9660182-9-X • Softcover • 160 pages • $13.00

Returning to Oneness has been translated into German, Rückkehr zur Einheit—Die sieben Schlüssel zum Selbst and is available from the publisher and Portuguese, Retornando à Unidade – As Sete Chaves da Ascensão and is available in Brazil by emailing CoreLight in Brazil.

You can download a pdf or read several chapters from the book online here.

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A river of light, pure intelligence and love flows within each of us. When the river flows fully from head to toes, we feel happy, fulfilled and awake to our true nature as eternal, timeless beings. Unfortunately, we often find the river is only a trickle.

Returning to Oneness reveals the limitations that restrict the flow of light in the body and shows us how to awaken to our full potential by using these simple seven keys, based in the ancient teachings of non-duality.