December 16-20
With Leslie Temple-Thurston, Brad Laughlin and Victoria More
"From Money to Love: Journey to a New Paradigm"
A Retreat on Sacred White Lion Lands in Timbavati, South Africa

About Our Module/Retreat:
Our personal and collective journey towards the knowledge of our oneness with Source is at a pivotal moment of evolution, and the planet is at a critical juncture. What will we choose - breakdown or breakthrough? Ultimately, the choice to have an awakened consciousness is the most important decision we can make, and that is what this retreat is dedicated to.

Humanity must urgently transform its consciousness from a culture of greed, materialism, consumerism and exploitation into one of love, sustainable practices and humanism. The only wisdom we have to fall back on comes from the knowledge of the world's great spiritual traditions - the teachings of compassion, love, generosity, gratitude and highest Truth. These ancient, timeless spiritual principles will always hold true, no matter how chaotic or destitute our world may become, and they will be humanity's rudder for navigating the stormy seas ahead.

For each of us individually to make these changes we will need to:

  • Clear and let go of the old, patriarchal mindset with its hierarchical, dualistic view of life
  • Move into the sacred state of Equality
  • Trust your Self more completely
  • Live more in a state of empathy
  • Practice living more completely and fearlessly in a sacred state of consciousness.

However, one of the most critical pieces preventing us from doing the above is also one of the most difficult things to grasp and work with. It is: the way you view money and how you use it in the third dimension. Change your view of money, and you shift your life into a higher dimension. Holding onto the old way of perceiving and working with money can be the most debilitating thing to your health and wellbeing.

Unraveling your old ideas about money is mostly connected to how the third dimension teaches us to use money in a secular and thus very limited way. In the third dimension we don't actually understand that money belongs to the sacred realms - and that its true function is to serve us in a higher-dimensional way.

Here is some of what you will receive from this intensive:

  • An initiation into seeing the whole world as sacred, including money
  • Tools and processes that help unplug you from the old, patriarchal paradigm
  • Guided meditations that support your opening to the flow of authentic abundance
  • An opportunity to release fears and limitations that block your spiritual development
  • Daily game drives to be with the white lions in their natural habitat

It is difficult to capture in words the profound spiritual experience of being with the white lions and sleeping on sacred white lion lands. Please watch Leslie Temple-Thurston and Andrew Harvey in the video, Star Beings of Africa: The White Lions of Timbavati, which better captures the mystery and magic of the white lions, as well cats in general-big and small.

For further information or to register for this retreat, please contact Yolandi van Jaarsveldt at academy@whitelions.org.

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