March 25-April 9, 2012
In the South African Lowveld
With Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin
Open to those enrolled in CoreLight's courses

The Purpose of the Trip

Our experiences of pilgrimages to South Africa with Leslie have been that they are profoundly life-changing for each person. The intention for the journey is to offer our gift of meditation and prayer and to receive the power and grace of the land and animals there. The group will meditate and process together, offering up the resulting shifts in consciousness to the collective mind. Our gesture of service is more than reciprocated by the powerful grounding transmission offered by Mother Africa. As Leslie puts it, “The darshan of the land is so strong, I feel like I’m just along for the ride.” Africa always leaves her indelible imprint on us, and we all leave a piece of our hearts with her.

This pilgrimage is not a vacation or a party. Although we will have fun and although some of our experiences may bring great joy, happiness and relaxation, the purpose of the journey is not to indulge in having a holiday. We offer this pilgrimage in the spirit of service to the Earth, to higher consciousness and to our own spiritual growth. We journey not only to drink in and appreciate the exquisite natural beauty and spiritual power of Mother Africa, but also to serve and to give something back.

Our time with the animals and the environment will be a strong focus for us. We feel we are being called to pioneer a new kind of relationship between humans, animals and the environment, as in general animals and the earth are incredibly misunderstood and mistreated. Because of the imbalances in the relationships, unsustainable practices and especially because of the human encroachment on the animals’ territory, many species are under threat. We go to learn about the animals and the ecosystem, to connect with them at a deeper level and to experience their mystical nature. We offer our hearts and our meditations with the animals in the spirit of loving service to nature and to the web of life.

Logistics and Registration

Please download and read the brochure for a detailed description of the trip.

Preference is given to Leslie’s Teacher Training Students, Graduates and Spiritual Warriors. If you are enrolled in one of the courses, please contact events @ corelight.org for logistics information and registration details.

If you are not enrolled in one of the courses, you are eligible to attend the retreat by application. Please email events @ corelight.org and we will contact you to let you know if there is space available and send you logistics information and registration details.

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