April 22, 2013, 8-9 PM In Your Own Time Zone

Announcing the 25th anniversary of Leslie's enlightenment—April 22, 2013!

A milestone moment that we would like to mark with deep gratitude, respect and love, as we honor Leslie on this day.

We plan a special celebration and invite you to participate in a global meditation on April 22, at 8-9pm in your time zone. Leslie will join us and offer a special darshan and blessing to everyone during the meditation. Please share in our worldwide circle of love at this moment, as we meditate and pray for peace on the planet.

We are inviting everyone to make a special donation to CoreLight in honor of Leslie's 25 years of enlightened service to each of us, to humanity and to the Earth. For a donation of any amount, we will add your name to a card that we will present to her on April 22. We'll also share with her any message you'd like to write, which can be written online at the time of donating, or included with your check, or emailed to info@corelight.org. If you feel you have benefitted from her work, please consider making a contribution. If you are unable to make a donation, please say a special prayer for Leslie's continued good health and for CoreLight's continued success in spreading the energy of enlightenment in the world.

Enlightenment Is Ever-deepening

Leslie describes enlightenment as a continuum, and with the extraordinary acceleration of the transformational energies coming into the Earth at this unprecedented time, she is being drawn into deeper and deeper levels of absorption into the Oneness - a great to benefit to all of us, her students, as well as the Earth and humanity.

These transformational energies are of course affecting all of us. The enormous waves of light that came in during the December Solstice portal have been creating major energetic changes under the surface appearance of life on planet Earth, and are resulting in huge waves of shadow passing through each of us and the collective consciousness of humanity. It is critical at this time for us all to stay strong in the neutral witness and remain flexible, malleable and open to change. A good motto for the current times is, "Surrender to the unexpected."

Some CoreLight News

At this milestone moment we would also like to take the opportunity to share with you some news about transformation happening for Leslie and within CoreLight. Leslie is being guided to go inward more - to spend more time in meditation, working with consciousness and holding space for each of us and for the planet at this pivotal time in our evolution.

This is a year of transition and of taking stock for Leslie and for all of us. We are still feeling somewhat formless and indrawn since the December Solstice portal. For this reason we have not released a schedule of events yet for 2013, but plan to very soon. Victoria and Brad plan to offer more events this year, and Leslie will participate as she is guided to in the moment.

Thank you for your love and support of Leslie and CoreLight. We look forward to seeing you on the inner planes on April 22 at 8pm in your time zone at the 25th anniversary meditation celebration!

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