May 24 – 27, 2012
A four day retreat
Terra dos Magos, near Rio de Janeiro
With Brad Laughlin

This retreat/intensive is open to all who are enrolled in CoreLight’s Spiritual Warrior Training or Teacher Training Course or who have attended retreats in the past with Brad or Leslie.

Humanity is facing a pivotal doorway in consciousness. It is the turning of an Age. We are moving from the Age of Patriarchy, a 6,000-year old paradigm based in hierarchy, power and control, into what could be called the Age of Transition, a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. As we look around us and read the news, very often it does not look like this could possibly be happening. But it is. We can see the birth of something new, as well as the death of the old.

Those working with consciousness and personal development are the vanguard. We are helping to usher in a new paradigm of love and sustainable living, acting as midwives of its birth. As we change and grow in consciousness, living a life of higher ideals and spiritual principles, we are actively supporting the turning of a cycle.

But how do we do this? How do we move from the darkness into the light when the turbulence, stress and chaos of the world challenge our spiritual resolve on a daily basis?

Diligently doing the ego clearing work, journaling, practicing meditation and yoga, putting the path of transformation first, and having strong faith are all key elements. Join Brad as we explore these topics and more. We will gather in discussion and meditation, develop spiritual tools and build our light amidst the peace, beauty and quietude of Terra dos Magos. You will have the opportunity to ask Brad specific questions about your spiritual journey.

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