May 17-20, 2012
A four day retreat
at Terra dos Magos, near Rio de Janeiro
with Brad Laughlin

How do we find true fulfillment and deeper meaning while living and working in today’s world of ever-increasing materialism? The stress, hectic pace and insanity of life amidst our consumerist, money-obsessed culture can feel overwhelming and can easily distract us from what really matters in life. Achieving worldly success and acquiring material possessions do not provide us with the fulfillment that the deeper part of us longs for. True fulfillment, purpose and meaning come from developing inner qualities which are lasting and permanent. Aspects such as: love, empathy, faith, integrity, generosity, humility, wisdom and spiritual awareness, just to name a few.

It is entirely possible to cultivate a life rich with these qualities—a life of what could be called “authentic abundance”—even while living and working in our modern world, surrounded by people and institutions whose motivations are: greed, selfishness, corruption, manipulation, domination and control. Not only is it possible, but it is critical for the future of our planet that we make this shift into a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness, a phase of human evolution which is actually already beginning to birth.

As the old, outmoded paradigm crumbles, the signs of the birth of the new paradigm are already visible in many ways if we know what to look for; for example, collective movements such as: renewable energy, the “new economy”, environmental protection, peace, sustainability and spiritual awakening. The more individuals who make a shift in consciousness, the stronger this collective movement into the heart becomes.

Brad will address these topics and introduce practical information about shifting your consciousness and your life into a heart-based paradigm in which you can experience true fulfillment and “authentic abundance”.

In this four-day retreat we will expand on the topics introduced at the prior events of the same title, with a deeper immersion into our subject, exploring the spiritual principles in more depth. Brad will also offer practical techniques to help you move beyond fear and egoic limitation, including an activation of the pineal gland, which gives us a direct connection to the divine energy available to us all. Deeply relaxing in the sublime natural setting and peace of Terra dos Magos, we will share time together in meditation, stillness and tranquility.

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