April 27-May 1, 2012
A Four Day Retreat
Avaré, Sao Paulo
With Brad Laughlin

What does it mean to create your own reality? So often we feel helpless in the face of the circumstances life thrusts upon us, and we feel blown about like a leaf in the wind. Yet it is possible to lead an empowered and fulfilling life, which we can manifest through positive action. It all begins with shifting our own inner states of mind: Our physical world reflects back to us the thoughts, feelings and states of consciousness we hold inside. Therefore, when we create inner balance, peace and harmony, we manifest an outer reality aligned with these states.

As we gather together in an atmosphere of beauty, quietude and meditation, we will discuss a variety of related topics as viewed through the lens of spiritual awareness, some of which may include: increasing your spiritual awareness while living and working in the world, balancing masculine and feminine, relationships, money, living in the heart amidst the pressures of the world, overcoming limitations or “shadow” aspects of consciousness (things such as negativity, anger, pain and fear), and the spiritual significance of the date 12/21/2012, which is the end of a multi-millennial cycle on the Mayan calendar, and which seers, sages and indigenous elders through the ages have predicted is a pivotal doorway in human evolution that will usher in a new “Golden” era of heart-centered consciousness.

As we integrate the spiritual teachings, retreatants will also have the opportunity to experience music, dance and ceremonies by the fire as led by our host, Claudia Piedade. These extraordinarily powerful rituals assist us in assimilating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Challenging to explain in words, the power behind the ceremonies must be experienced and felt in order to be understood. Through this modality, we integrate and balance form and formlessness, masculine and feminine, and inner and outer realities.

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