Spiritual Warrior Training Second Semester Application


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If it has been a year or more since you started the Spiritual Warrior program, please upload a recent photo (of less than 2 mb) of yourself with this registration form.   

Additional Information

If you have not previously sent your Spiritual Warrior Training first semester paper to the CoreLight office or would like to include any additional information, please attach information (must be less than 2 mb) for uploading here.

Class Agreements

  • I will listen to all of the second semester materials and read the Returning to Oneness book.
  • I commit to daily meditation, regular journaling and exercise, yoga or stretching.
  • I will complete the writing assignment.

Date Submitted (MM/DD/YYYY) By clicking submit you are agreeing to the above Class Agreements.

Class Tuition

The suggested tuition amount is $150 for the semester, however, we are offering both semesters of the Spiritual Warrior Training on a gift/choose-your-own-price basis. Why? The heart of CoreLight's message is about love and generosity, and so we offer it in the spirit of giving. There is a "gift economy" birthing in the world, and we celebrate this new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. We thank you for your gift and for your support of CoreLight!

Your tuition for the semester can be paid in full or with monthly installments.
You can pay your selected tuition amount with your credit card online or mail a check (made payable to CoreLight) to:

223 N Guadalupe St #275
Santa Fe, NM 87501