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Medical and Psychological Background

We ask for the following information because it helps us to gain insight into your background, conditioning, and current well-being. As we work with individuals to unravel the limited, personal self, it is helpful to know about these issues. Please be as truthful and detailed as you can

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How are these experiences currently affecting your life? What steps have you taken to deal with them?


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Additional Information

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Class Agreements

  • I will listen to all of the first semester materials and read The Marriage of Spirit book.
  • I commit to daily meditation, regular journaling and exercise, yoga or stretching.
  • I will complete the writing assignment.

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All fields are required, except: 1) the descriptions if the respective answer is no, and 2) the additional information document. Please use N/A if a field is not applicable to you. Do remember to attach a recent photo of yourself. Thank you.

Class Tuition

We will contact you about your tuition payment once we have reviewed your application. The suggested tuition amount is $150 for the semester, however, we are offering the Spiritual Warrior Training on a gift/choose-your-own-price basis. Why? The heart of CoreLight's message is about love and generosity, and so we offer it in the spirit of giving. There is a "gift economy" birthing in the world, and we celebrate this new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. We thank you for your gift and for your support of CoreLight!

You are welcome to order your materials at anytime. You can order them online at our webstore.