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The Spiritual Warrior Training

Spiritual Warrior Training is a self-paced correspondence course. It is designed primarily to assist those who are realizing that the world is their classroom and that their spiritual awakening is happening simultaneously with living and working in the world.

The two-semester course includes listening to audio material, reading books, journaling, meditating, completing one writing assignment each semester and participating in regular dialogues with a CoreLight teacher. The course materials outline the spiritual principles and offer practical guidelines and suggestions for integrating them into your everyday life.

The Spiritual Warrior course assists your overall Self-discovery and prepares you for awakening through teachings about opening the heart; moving into states of greater clarity, non-duality and freedom from ego; learning to see Truth and manifesting presence in your life.

Leslie connects with class members through periodic e-mails and online postings about CoreLight news, collective energy shifts, current processes and how these affect your transformation.


The course offers an optional interactive online forum for class members to connect with each other, their CoreLight teacher and with Leslie, in a web-based classroom and conference format. The forum also provides access to many articles written by Leslie and other CoreLight teachers, as well as transcripts of all of the course materials.

As part of the course, there is a circle of loving beings, called mentors, who offer support to their peers on the path of spiritual transformation and awakening and are available regularly for guidance and processing. Mentors are heart-centered listeners who have successfully mastered the CoreLight processing techniques in their own lives, and many of them have had years of experience in assisting awakening souls.

You may register for the Spiritual Warrior Training course at any time and complete it at your own pace. For more details about the program, see the Spiritual Warrior Training brochure.

After finishing both semesters, you are eligible to apply for the Enhanced Self-Discovery Program.

If you are not sure whether you want to enroll in the program, any of the course materials can be purchased as individual cds or mp3s without enrolling in the course at: Spiritual Warrior Recordings.

Several chapters from the book, Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World are available to read online or download as a pdf here.

Several chapters from the book, Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys of Ascension are available to read online or download as a pdf here.

Again, For more details about the program, see the Spiritual Warrior Training brochure.


Apply online for the course, which is in English.
Clique aqui para o curso em português.
Visit the webstore to purchase the course materials as an mp3 set (in English).

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We have vast resources beyond the
more obvious levels of the surface mind.
This is the most marvelous discovery...
—Leslie Temple-Thurston