Invitation to Meet the 64 Yoginis (who have offered to work with us!)

64 Yogini's Chant


As you may recall, Leslie mentioned the 64 Yoginis in our January 22nd phone call about this project and Margita has graciously compiled a very thorough introduction for all of us to meet these magnificent Beings.

64 Yoginis64 Yoginis

The following links will give you some information on the 64 Yoginis. Hopefully you will be inspired to find your own inner link to them.

The first two links are from a traveler’s guide, that gives information on where to find them in 3D, shows their beautiful images and the unique temple structure.

A short introduction to the site of the temple in Hirapur and the 64 Yogini statues that have resided there since the 9th century. There are three beautiful images of the temple from the outside and inside. It looks like a womb that is open to the cosmos.

Here we can see the images of the yoginis in a slide show, which includes their names and describes both their unique features and which animal (or object) upon which they are standing.

If you print out the list with the names you can call each one by name (the name carries a vibration like a mantra) and read the description while you watch the slide show, because it is not always obvious what kind of animal or object she is standing on.

In this attachment: The Yoginis of Ancient India, you are guided on an inner journey to explore and experience the yoginis on the inner plane beyond time and space in the realm of formlessness and timelessness, where only myth can point the way, the rest of the journey you have to tap into your own myth, your own guidance and if you are lucky they will meet you half way….. and maybe… you will discover that you have known them for eons ….as guides, as sisters… having the same mother, because they are nothing else then manifestations of the Great Mother and so are we …. “We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return …”

The article in this link was written by Jalaja Bonheim, who was initiated in India into an ancient lineage of Tantric priestesses and sent to the West to teach and share the wisdom and ways of the Great Mother Goddess and her many manifestations to reawaken and re-empower women of our culture who have forgotten their truth and their source.

20 years ago I sat with her in circles and she ‘midwifed’ me through the pains and joys of the rebirth of my feminine spirituality.

She is leading women circles now all over the world, helping women to remember their ancient wisdom, to claim their innate power and wholeness, to claim their voices and speak their truth, to rekindle the treasure of sisterhood, and evoke a sense of homecoming and Oneness. She goes to war torn countries to teach the women how to take their rightful place as peacemakers and healers, to use their innate knowing about the oneness of all life to overcome the destructive forces of separation and create loving and thriving communities.

Here you find the Yoginis’ names chanted as mantras / these are different names as in the 2nd link.

In love and service, Margita