Praline Toich

Praline Toich

I first met Leslie in 1999 and graduated from the CoreLight Enhanced Self-Discovery Program in 2009.

I was born a natural healer, and have complemented these innate gifts with the study of numerous healing modalities spanning a 30-year period, which I have used successfully in private practice.

I have raised 7 children who are all well-balanced & successful adults now. Raising my children played a big part in my spiritual training and refined my listening skills, ability to be non-judgemental and compassionate.

I am passionate about processing. I have seen first hand the miraculous effects of the Marriage of Spirit techniques in my and other people’s lives. I honestly believe that when life challenges are faced head on with courage and processed, doorways to greater liberation fly open and layers of ego drop away.

It is my honour to stand by you and guide you through the doorways.

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