Judith Crop

Judith Crop

M.A., ABS, L.P.C., Min.

Judith is eternally grateful to Leslie and her beautiful teachings. She is delighted to be your mentor.
Judith completed the first Enhanced Self-Discovery course in 2000. She was ordained as a Corelight Minister in Delphi, Greece in 2006.

Judith is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher and retreat facilitator trained in a variety of healing modalities including: Somatic Experiencing © (supporting the inherent wisdom of the body to release trauma gently and completely without re-tramatization), Family & Soul Constellations (embodying the illumination and unwinding of family, inter-generational and collective issues), The Eneagram (unveiling fundamental ego structures), Polarity Processing and intuitive spiritual counseling. She also provides personal one-on-one healing retreats, weekly meditation classes and two silent retreats a year (spring and fall) at her intimate retreat center in Oregon. Retreat discounts are warmly offered for all Corelight students.
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Contact Information:

phone om symbol (503) 637-3407
e-mail om symbol Judith@HiddenLakeRetreat.org
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website om symbol www.HiddenLakeRetreat.org