Gary Battaglia

Gary Battaglia
Gary Battaglia
I graduated from Corelight’s Enhanced Self-Discovery Program in 2000. Previously, I received my diploma in professional music from Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, but with a passionate interest in meditation and metaphysics, a deeper inner calling led to a shift in life’s focus and an honoring of my connection to spirit and natural gift for healing. Studies in energy healing and hands-on healing, including Polarity Therapy and Rosen Method emotional release work, followed. I also counseled children and families as a Community Relation Specialist/Elementary Advisor in the public schools for many years.

I wear several hats within CoreLight – as a mentor, as the teacher for first year Enhanced Self-Discovery students, and as a teacher for Spiritual Warriors. I am also an ordained minister and serve on CoreLight’s Board of Directors. I feel grateful and blessed for Leslie’s unwavering love, guidance and support over the years, and for the opportunities she has afforded me within CoreLight, all of which have nurtured my spiritual growth and given me the confidence to find my own voice. Recently, spirit has guided me to take the teachings out into the world and I have been co-facilitating Marriage of Spirit workshops, begun hosting a weekly meditation circle in my home, and started a blog.

I am passionate about Leslie’s teachings! I know these profound truths have the potential to change your life and to move your consciousness beyond the limits of the personality to a place of truth, love, and Oneness. If you find yourself in a painful situation, if you are feeling stuck, or if you need a guide through The Frozen Children Process, I am available to you in the spirit of selfless service.

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