Elizabeth de Prospero

Beth de Prospero

M.A., ABS, L.P.C., Min.

Elizabeth (Beth) de Prospero, MAMS, BSN, RN earned her Master’s Degree in Applied Meditative Studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and her baccalaureate degree in Nursing from Rutgers University. In addition to being a CoreLight Minister, mentor and teacher for CoreLight, she has her own spiritual counseling practice. I feel very honored and blessed to be of service to you, the CoreLight community and the Collective at large. Having been on the path for many years, I am dedicated to the continuous clearing of egoic constraints and limitations and believe it or not have come to find great joy in this!

Grace has asked me to hold space for both scientific and spiritual healing in the areas of mental health and mental illness. I am currently working as a health specialist in a university setting where I provide medical treatment and interpersonal therapy for indiviuals experiencing clinical depression.

I have come to understand that for those on a spiritual path, depression or the heavier downward spiral states like hopelessness and meaninglessness, can be used as a tremendous door way to liberation. I offer my skills to those spiritual seekers who may be transiting through these dense vibratory states, to encourage healing and remind them that even in darkness they are still a part of God.

Many blessings to you on this intense and light-filled journey.

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Contact Information:

e-mail om symbol edepros@verizon.net for initial contact

What a different world we would live in if the psychological traumas of the human psyche were healed. To those I work with, you have my commitment to continually strive toward this potential. It is with love and deep gratitude to Leslie and the CoreLight teachings that I serve you and this community. —Namaste, Beth