Diane Steinbrecher

Diane Steinbrecher

Welcome to the Corelight Mentoring Program!

In the course of our lives, we come to numerous choice points when we either choose to stay in what is familiar and more comfortable or to step through a threshold into unknown territory; to transcend and awaken our higher levels of consciousness. A Mentor can be crucial to support and guide the way, to help face the fears and anxiety of the unknown. This may be why so many of us found our way to Leslie Temple-Thurston and the Corelight Programs.

My history with Leslie dates to 1996. I completed the Enhanced Self-Discovery Program in 2001 and was Ordained a Corelight Minister in 2002. I have served as a Mentor since 2001 and am currently a Trauma Consultant for the Corelight Programs.

My clinical psychotherapy practice focuses on embracing our radiance by transforming nongenerative patterns in our lives into deep meaningful experiences in alignment with our full potential and True Nature as pure awareness. From this, we can live rich, full lives with purpose, passion, and sharing of our unique gifts with one another.

I specialize in Archetypal Shadow Integration, Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, and Nondual Psychotherapy and Coaching.

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