Carol von Kaenel

Carol von Kaenel

I have been on a spiritual path for most of my life. I have been a practicing and teaching Reiki Master since 1994 when I met Leslie in 1998 and began studying with her. I graduated from CoreLight’s Enhanced Self-Discovery Program in 2007 and, while on a spiritual pilgrimage in Greece that same year, asked Leslie to ordain me, which she did. After completing Enhanced Self-Discovery Program and being ordained, I realized I had gifts to offer those who are dying and I became a Hospice Volunteer.

I am deeply passionate about Leslie’s teachings and Reiki; both are incredible paths toward healing and Oneness. I am teaching the second year of the Enhanced Self-Discovery Program as well as, Finding Balance in Turbulent Times workshops in order to make CoreLight’s processing techniques available to more people during these challenging times.

Challenges come in all sizes and shapes—and respond well to different approaches. If you have a challenge that has surfaced and feels a bit overwhelming, I am available to help you find an approach that will enable you to shift and release it, find balance and a way back onto your path to Oneness.

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