For the Love
of Animals

For the Love of Animals

A Phone Bridge Series on 3 Sundays: May 26th, June 9th and 16th from 11am-1pm US Pacific time
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Dialogue Topics

May 26th:
Domestic & Wild Animals: Lessons for Humans
Celebrating our animal companions and the roles they play in the human world. Exploring the messages that wild animals have for all of us in these times.
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June 9th:
Wildlife: Individual & Collective Consciousness
Investigating the connection between individual and collective consciousness, the power of community and how the wisdom of the greater good can inform and guide the individual.
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June 16th:
Animal Medicine & Mystical Nature
Delving into the topics of animal mythology, transition states and existential teachings beyond form.
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Join Leslie Temple-Thurston and renowned interspecies communicator, Anna Breytenbach, for a series of dialogues about the current state of the animals in the world and what the animal kingdom might have to share with humans to facilitate a collaborative shift into a new paradigm.

Leslie Temple-Thurston, a teacher of EnlightenmentAnna Breytenbach, renowned animal communicator

Meeting “Spirit”

In this video, meet “Spirit”, a very rare black leopard with an extraordinary consciousness and join Anna and Leslie as they share a fascinating and inspiring discussion about their experience of Spirit and his representation of our own unconscious side.

Out of Africa—Elephant Encounter with Leslie Temple-Thurston

After an extraordinary close encounter with a large bull elephant in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Leslie was moved to make a deep commitment to help the elephants, who are under siege by human encroachment on their habitat, poaching and culling (killing). In this 35-minute video Leslie relates this inspiring story and shares her love and passion for these gentle giants. Leslie also offers a stirring testimonial about the importance of learning to communicate with the animal kingdom and discusses the immense joy and many blessings she has received in her experiences of connecting with animals. The video overflows with beautiful and touching footage of remarkable elephant encounters.