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Understanding Betrayal

September 6th, 2012

When we were born, we had our universal perceiver intact. This universal perceiver is the one who knows truth. This perceiver encounters a very controlling and domineering world. There are many, many ways to be dominated. You can be dominated with cruelty and with kindness, which is something we do not often realize. Forgive the Betrayals

Most parents assume that a baby is a pretty stupid lump of flesh, although, this is not quite as prevalent today as it was a few decades ago. And so, the baby comes up against dominance and control. It may not be overt dominance from day one, but it certainly is control. The little child is told day in and day out that it does not know anything, or at least that assumption is just made. Most parents also assume that the baby must be taught everything about the world—how to think, how to see, how to perceive! The honoring of the perceiver in the baby does not happen very often. Sure, the baby has poor motor skills, but everything else is intact in a latent form. Most parents no longer have an understanding of the true perceiver in themselves since the way of this world is that the true perceiver gives over to the false perceiver.

How do you react when someone tries to dominate, manipulate, or control you? Think about it for 
a moment.

From early childhood, we develop a variety of reactions, and these become roles that we play—personas. 
If someone tries to dominate, manipulate, and control us, we begin putting up guards. The rebel is one of the 
personas that may develop. The victim is another. The rebel is the one who bucks authority and feels powerful, and the victim is the one who submits to authority and feels powerless.

The way that the world impacts a baby is that the baby’s true perceiver is not seen, heard, understood, or validated, but it does get validation for its responses to everybody else’s programmed blindness. If it begins to react to what it sees outside, there will be a response from the “world outside.” It will connect to the baby, allowing the baby to connect to it. “Oh, look. Little Johnny’s developing a personality! Isn’t that cute.” Sometimes this may be a negative kind of connection, but not always. Often it is positive. In the end all that matters is that the baby will feel connected. And so the coating of the personality comes into place, and the true perceiver is discounted.

Under parental authority the dualistic personas, whether the dominant, rebellious, and assertive one or the passive, submissive, victimized one, begin to be instituted in the baby. As far as the world is concerned, the baby is beginning to develop a personality.

In the course of this childhood development, the original perceiver seems to become hidden by the developing personality. This is the coating of the core by the shadow of the egoic veils. Yet the good news is that it is not completely lost. It is just disguised. Despite the fact that the life force and the awareness of eternity get clouded over, the perceiver is still there fortunately, still looking through those eyes—eyes that have become clouded by the programmed concepts around life.

So, in its pure form, unadulterated by the attributes of the developing personality, that perceiver, which we call “I,” a word we use dozens of times a day, is still the universal perceiver—the Self. The small “i” is really the eternal I. Ultimately there is no difference.

The perceiver, disguised by the veil of the personality, is connected all the way to the core, the Self within you, pure non-dual consciousness. Even when the perceiver is pretending to be the personality, it looks straight out from the core place—straight out through your own eyes.

There are ways to get back into it, ways to get through the cloudiness of the worldly persona. There are doorways through the centers of each of the chakras, especially through to the center of the heart chakra, where a deeper, unified truth can be perceived—something we respond to like lungs gasping for a first breath of fresh air.

By using the seven keys to open the locks between the chakras, the chakras themselves also open to a deeper level, and we have our first taste of our universal birthright. Eventually all of the locks are open, giving us our realization of the core and our unified state. The perception of truth opens all the way through the body and can then manifest in our daily life.

Excerpt from Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys of Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin. Read the complete chapter: The Second Key—Forgive All Betrayals online

The Power of One Effect

July 16th, 2012

Excerpt from The Power of One by Leslie Temple-Thurston

There is a principle we have come to call the “power of one” effect ever since an experience we witnessed in 1994. That year, something I had always prayed for happened. Apartheid came to an end, and our understanding was that it was the power of the many, solidifying into one intention, that created the power of one. It is this effect of the power of one that I would like to outline here.

Blyde River Reflection

The awakening of peace consciousness is a major issue facing humanity right now. It has also become an issue dear to our hearts. As seekers after truth, we hope others will find themselves wanting to join the corps of believers who feel that this is the next frontier in our work as transformers of ourselves—and that by this recognition they will also be willing to put their hearts and minds into a commitment to hold a solid intention for change towards peace. The solidarity of intent is everything. It is the essence of the power of one.

As we begin to waken to our larger, universal selves, and as we clear and integrate more and more of our shadow in advanced Self-discovery, each one of us becomes conscious of being merged into a larger, more universal awareness—an awareness which is always present in this world—that of unity consciousness. This unity, which is also oneness of heart, holds a higher vibration and exists right through the field of the collective personality of humankind—even if usually unseen. Each one of us with a body and a personality living in the world, is an expression of that unity, whether we know it or not….

It is this principle of unifying mind, or of oneness, the many becoming of one mind, that I am calling the power of one.


July 6th, 2012

Humility is a strange thing....The moment you think you've got it, you've lost it.Humility is the non-judgement of oneself and others. In humility we do not indulge in feeling worthless, or indulge in feeling especially self-important. Humility is not meekness, implying a sort of weakness in being humble. Humility goes beyond being humble. We find true inner power in the state of humility because it is in alignment with higher consciousness. It is a state of non-rebelliousness, non-willfulness, a state of acceptance, a state of quiescence in the mind and emotions. It comes from detachment and from seeing that everything is perfect just as it is.

From the Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

Our Fear of Detachment

June 8th, 2012

dandelion fluffSome individuals fear that by practicing detachment they will lose everything. That is a very normal notion. It is what the ego thinks will happen. Humans fear loss above all else. In truth there is no such thing as loss, not in any absolute sense. So, when we exit the system of judgment and separation, there is no experience of loss. There is only the ecstatic light of eternal, timeless presence on the other side of the little egoic membrane that we are all locked into. Eden is on the other side of the egoic veil of fear. Detachment is a key to the doorway out of the system.

From the Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

The Spiritual Warrior

June 4th, 2012

Baby Zebra with HerdTo bridge the old and the new paradigms, we take on the intermediate persona of the spiritual warrior. From this persona, we choose to live in complete integrity with our own inner truth and with the world around us. We are willing to see the world as a mirror of our own projections and not blame the outside for our own limitations. We address our unconscious egoic issues and our destructive belief systems with the intention of dissolving the old personality and moving our awareness into the heart. By adopting the persona of the spiritual warrior, we have a vehicle to help us gradually move into longer and longer experiences of the light of the core.

From the Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World” by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

Door to Liberation—Protocol for Facing Saturnian Energy

January 17th, 2012

by Leslie Temple-Thurston
The following is the edited transcript of an excerpt from a live event:

…Here is a protocol to help you bust out of your limiting patterns.

It is a protocol for times when Saturn is having a lot of influence over you. Saturn can be experienced as the angry, vengeful God of the Bible or as the heavy-handed, dominating parent. So notice if these kinds of processes arise. Saturn can also be about rigid structures in your life. It can be about inflexible routines that you live. It’s very patriarchal, so if you have patriarchal issues coming up, they would relate to Saturn. Because each of your astrology is different, you’re going to experience the Saturnian energy in different ways. True Saturn

When you feel intimidated by an outside authority… by those with wealth or by people who seem self-confident and successful… you are under the influence of Saturn. Saturn can make you feel inferior by putting you in a situation where you have to face these people who you project are superior. And it is important to remember that it is all a projection of the ego.

The low side of Saturn is that you’ll go deeper into your programs of worthlessness and victimization in such a way that you can easily buy into them. You’ll feel intimidated or crushed by an outside authority and will begin reliving some of your childhood processes about things like: discipline, deprivation, neglect and abandonment. And if you make the programs real while they are replaying, then the groove of your pattern becomes more deeply ingrained.

When you can witness the illusion of what Saturn is pushing you into, Saturn will liberate you. It is critical to understand that Saturn offers a doorway out of your limiting programs. When Saturn is pushing you down, you will experience a piece of childhood programming that is playing out through a present day scenario. You must recognize that what you are experiencing comes from your childhood and that Saturn is highlighting it for you so you can let it go. You must recognize that Saturn is exposing some of your authority issues, and you must state to the universe, “This is not real! I understand it is from a childhood program and I release it. I surrender it. I let it go.” Then Saturn will shatter those rigid structures into tiny fragments and sweep them away.

But first Saturn will attempt to trap you. It is very clever at placing you in a situation where you feel pressured. Saturn intrudes in a heavy-handed way and pushes down on those places inside you that need to be transformed. And you’ll feel awful because it feels like a heavy pressure from an outside source. You will experience your childhood program being played out in some way…. through a boss or a parent or an uncomfortable money situation. And you’ve got to recognize what is taking place and hold onto your witness. Rather than believing that you are having a really bad day… you stop and ask, “What the heck is going on here?” There is obviously something that is playing the dominator and something that is the victim. So do some processing of your consciousness using whatever method works for you. Squares are excellent. [Editor’s note: See www.marriageofspirit.com for a free chapter about the Squares technique.]

Explore and define the issue and take it back to childhood. Ask, “Is this a replay of childhood?” It will be for sure. Always! Our present day issues are replays from our childhood.

And though Saturn is wily, if you do your part adequately in recognizing what’s going on and make that statement to the universe… then Saturn becomes a liberator. So take your notebook and shake it at Saturn and say, “Saturn, I’ve got you now! I see what you’re doing.” You can release the whole pattern. Keep this in mind as you move through a Saturn transit because then one can bust, bust, bust programs like you have never seen before. You’ve got to be vigilant and catch it, which means being in your neutral witness all the time.

Money issues are some of the most crushing things that I see everybody going through. I have a feeling that Spirit brought this issue up for us to work because the money issue is going to be the rock crusher that Saturn tries to catch you in. This may not be true for all of you, but I suspect that survival might be a major issue in the coming times. What I’ve outlined today is the protocol I want you to follow if you find yourself dealing with Saturnine issues.

British people pronoun the word “Saturn” without the “r”, and so it sounds like “Satun”, which is very close to the word, “Satan”, as in the devil. I really believe that somewhere back in the midst of the past, Satan got named for the energy of Saturn. And so we’re inclined to feel duped at times when Saturn comes in strong. We feel oppressed by an evil force. So it is very important not to lose your witness and get caught in this false belief. Do not try to run from it by hiding, blocking it out, or going to the movies. You have got to face Saturn! Use your knowledge that nothing is real, that the patterns are an illusion. You don’t have to succumb to them. Use a Saturn-influenced period of time as an opportunity to break the patterns completely. They break when you say to Saturn, “You’re not real!”

On the Journey of Awakening

January 5th, 2012

On the journey of awakening, there is always another doorway in front of us. If we are receptive enough to see it and surrendered enough to pass through, we will find ourselves, amazingly, growing into more of ourselves. We are talking about change, even radical change—something that most people naturally have difficulty adjusting to. Yet to shift levels into higher vibratory states of consciousness, it is essential that we have a willingness to allow change.

Processing work offers us a way of being conscious of the transitions we are making and gives us a feeling of being solidly supported as we shift. It is a systematic, step-by-step examination of the blocks in the ego—things such as negativity, anger, pain and fear—and is a way to dissolve them. Processing allows us to shift incrementally, giving us time to accommodate to the shifts, which in turn allows us to feel comfortable. We learn, more gradually, to ground and live in a balanced way as we integrate each shift into our physical body and our lifestyle.

Quetzalcoatl, feathered serpent, TeotihuachanThis may sound like a slow path, but actually it is the secret of the fast path. The approach of using techniques to dissolve ego means being able to feel grounded each step of the way; it lessens resistance and allows us to move easily toward and through the next doorway. While learning to let go may seem hard at first, it gets easier with practice until, pretty soon, one’s life becomes a flow of transformation, moving easily and freely toward full enlightenment.

Because processing the ego leads to an actual deconstructing of all the patterns and contracts that keep us in the separate state, our light body is able to descend to where it becomes completely anchored in the physical body.

Once we have learned a method of processing, we become capable of applying it with such swiftness and acuity that the egoic walls come tumbling down. There are many, many methods of processing nowadays; for example, everything from simple journaling techniques to emotional-release therapy to family constellation work, just to name a few.

The journey to awakening is a magical mystery tour. Even in the seriousness of working with the ego, it is possible to have enormous fun and experience huge joy as you watch your consciousness expand and your life blossom.

It is always important to be in synch with the times in which we live. And right now the times are demanding that we respond to the call of Spirit. There is such tremendous acceleration of the vibration of consciousness happening now, that we have no choice but to walk through the doorway in front of us. This has become almost a daily call. If we ignore it, we suffer. Processing allows us to function in the world and clear our egoic limitations simultaneously. It is important now to find a processing method that works for you, and use it.

There are many spiritual/psychological processing tools available to deconstruct the patterns and contracts of the ego. CoreLight offers the Marriage of Spirit processing tools, which you can read about at www.marriageofspirit.com. The site includes several free sample chapters of the book, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World.

Finding a Connection with Your Inner Divine Self

November 17th, 2011

The Seven Keys of AscensionMost people on the planet are in third-dimensional consciousness right now and since the planet is moving up in its evolution, everyone must move as well. We are moving into fourth-dimensional consciousness. A fairly accurate analogy of this process is to view the ego as though it were an onion. As we process and use the seven keys (read more about the seven keys and how they unlock the knots between the chakras) our consciousness ascends through the core from root to crown. Every time we experience that complete movement from root to crown by opening the seven locks, we peel layers of our egoic onion. This is the clearing process. Every time we make that kundalini–ascension journey from root to crown, more onion layers peel away, and we are closer to the pure, pristine experience of the core. Thus we are gradually moving into fourth-dimensional consciousness. Eventually, we peel away all of the onion layers associated with third-dimensional egoic consciousness until we have reached the core, and we shift, becoming firmly established in fourth-dimensional consciousness. Many people who are on a spiritual path now are somewhere between the two, with a foot in each dimension….

It is likely that many of the souls choosing to move with the evolutionary stream into higher dimensions will flip-flop back and forth between the third dimension and the fourth or fifth for awhile. It is not usual for someone to shift all at once into the new paradigm. When we have a peak experience, we temporarily merge with the faster vibration, but often we have to go back to the old vibration and do more clearing work (read about The Marriage of Spirit clearing methods) before we can permanently relocate to the new. This back-and-forth movement is quite normal and goes on for quite awhile….

In general just meditation or prayer or studying with a spiritual teacher is not enough in and of itself, with some exceptions of course. Spiritual seekers must use their initiative now more than ever before, to become conscious of the luminous core of enlightened awareness that is within each of us. A passive approach is not what is called for at this time of enormous change and acceleration. Simply waiting for grace to bop us on the head with a magic wand and wake us up is a very slow path. The opportunity to grow and evolve is greater now than perhaps ever before in the history of our planet, and we are being asked to meet Spirit halfway on this leg of the journey. To take an active role in processing the ego and in peeling its onion layers is a virtue beyond measure at this time. Moving beyond avoidance and denial of our shadow issues offers great rewards and is easier now than ever before. Spirit is offering special dispensations, so to speak, to those who are willing to heed this call. In other words, a little bit of processing goes a long way toward awakening, and there is an enormous amount of help and support from the invisible realms at the present time.

During this turbulent time of humanity’s evolution, it is essential that we begin to look within for the answers. By clearing our own consciousness, by taking responsibility for our own life’s situations, we move beyond victim consciousness, beyond loss, beyond blame and beyond apparent betrayals and powerlessness. We become capable of viewing the ego impersonally and moving into compassion, forgiveness, and non-dual truth. In this way we develop a very personal and real connection with our own inner divine self.

Except from Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys to Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin. Read Sample chapters online.

Be Neither Attracted Nor Replused

October 27th, 2011

An Excerpt from “From Money to Love—Journey to a New Paradigm”

A Course by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin

cairnThe third-dimensional ego (personality) is defined by polarization. Polarization is an endless dance, ever fluctuating between desire and fear, loss and gain, attraction and aversion, and all the other pairs of opposites. By finding the center point between the two sides of a polarity, we find the neutral witness, or neutral observer. By being neither attracted nor repulsed to either the positive or negative sides, and by identifying with the witness/neutral observer, our awareness rests in The Middle Way. It is there that we find the doorway to the great treasure. This treasure is the “space” between the two sides of the polarity. It is the still point, the center of existence, the deeper eternal Self, our real Self and the state of oneness or unity. The lack of understanding of this principle leads to corruption.

In this chapter we will explore how people who believe in their limitations feel the only way they can get their needs met is by trying to beat the system. If they knew the secret of The Middle Way, and could learn to manifest from Source in easefulness and purity, they would not need to scheme, wheel and deal, be dishonest and create bad karma. Purity of manifestation lies in holding to The Middle Way.

There is a significant amount of information in our book, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World, about being neither attracted nor repulsed, and for those who would like more information, we invite you to read several chapters of the book.