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The Quiet Revolution

December 31st, 2012

The Quiet Revolution—Image of Elephant's Eye
There is a great, silent revolution in consciousness taking place everywhere.

Beauty is everywhere…
within and without…
walk in beauty always!

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at CoreLight and Seeds of Light!

(Enjoy the presentation here)

Living From the Tree of Life

June 26th, 2012

Thinking inside/outside the BoxOur way of life is such that we have created a culture where we believe that we can’t survive without financial resources, a home and a lot of external things. Thus, these are difficult and dangerous times in which we are living. We are conditioned to believe our survival is dependent on these outer things, when our ability to thrive really depends on divine support. The true gold that facilitates survival arises from an inner connection to our unified, divine presence.

As spiritual seekers, you are required to meet the challenge of transitioning from dependence on outer forms of survival to inner reliance on the Divine. It is not easy to move out of your conditioning, for there is a mechanism embedded in the third-dimensional reality, which requires you to focus on the outside and avoid looking inside at all costs. In this system everything desirable is on the outside and you live not knowing yourself and the potential you carry within.

In third-dimensional consciousness, you live on a kind of automatic patterning that is habituated from your childhood programming—programming that you received when you entered your body. Life is largely unconscious, and you are simply living out your karma. Because the Truth exists on the inside, as long as you hold onto third-dimensional consciousness, you’re not allowed to see it. Your conditioned sense of survival feels a desperate need to remain focused on gaining possession of the outer gold and you remain cut off from your rich, inner resource. In this state of separation, you are dependent on something or someone to stay alive, and this dependency is highly misplaced.

True survival flows when you are able to allow your own Divine Self to support your life. You no longer look to another to get your needs met, for the true gold of the Divine is what will allow you to thrive. Inner reliance allows you to feel stable, supported, and at peace in life. Connected to Higher Self and aligned with oneness, you are supported even in the midst of seeming chaos. For in Truth, you are surrounded by unity and oneness.

When you move into your shushumna, the mysterious internal presence of non-dual consciousness that forms your body’s axis or center, the world is no longer what it once appeared to be. The shushumna is the Tree of Life that we see reflected in the trees around us. (note: Leslie gave this talk while surrounded by the Redwood trees.) It is easy to see the shushumna of a tree because trees are standing, living shushumnas. They bring the cosmic energy into the earth. They bring it down through their trunks and their roots and then move it into the deep, deep parts of the earth, energizing the earth like acupuncture needles. The trees are so graciously committed to this work, which is all about love. They aren’t fickle like us humans. They are steadfast. Every moment of a tree’s life is an unswerving, creative act of love, with no arrogance, no competitiveness.

Grove of Trees with Sunlight

The trees reflect the consciousness you experience when you enter your shushumna. It is time for you to drop the drama of being a slightly hysterical human and become like a tree… a very intelligent tree with mobility. You can wave your arms and legs and do things to help other people with them. But your inner reality is anchored in the Tree of Life… faithful, connected, serving. Everything else is vanity.

I want to address the speed with which we are currently moving through life. We are spinning very fast these days, and this speed is generated through the third-dimensional drive for survival. It is about getting things and about maintaining a life style that we have become much too attached to. Like the trees, we must ground into our center. All that is around us may be taken from us. It is important to recognize that this taking is likely to happen and not see it as a loss. You can adjust your thinking to see a stripping away as an up-grade.

The current speed of life generates a kind of insanity. You must slow down in order to enter the shushumna. Otherwise you’ll just be spinning around for the sake of survival—flying around your center but never entering it. It is time to slow down and remember to breathe—every time you realize you are in a spin, remember to breathe. Take time to enter your shushumna and know who you are in your Source. Go back to your origin again and again during the course of a day. Center yourself. Remember who you are, remember where you came from, remember where you’re going. There is really nowhere to go, except back to Source.

As you make it a practice to return to Source, your tremendous attachment to things will gradually recede. Your attachment to things has really been a form of entertainment you have used because you lost awareness of your inner reality. You were seduced into the attachments of third-dimensional reality, and in as much as you remain attached, you will suffer when things are swept away. There is no peace within your attachment to things. In fact, the loss of ability to live from your shushumna is rooted in your attachment.

You can have things, but the spiritual path requires that you not be attached to them. Things can disappear at any time and you are in a vulnerable position when you believe that your survival depends on them. Do an inventory of all the things that you believe your survival is dependent on. For each item on your list, ask yourself, “Do I really need this for my survival? Or am I just attached to it because it buffers my comfort zone? What would my life be like without the substance this item appears to give to me?” It helps to reflect on how each item on your list makes you feel…strong, important, special, needed, different from others, etc.

We have entered a time of a kind of insanity that requires you to be grounded in your Divine support. Anchored in your Tree of Life, you will not be drawn into the discombobulation of the insanity. Those who are not anchored will panic and forget the Truth. They will end up lost in the illusion—bound by attachment to what they think they need to survive.

So really look at how much you’re still driven by your ambition to be successful outside of your real Self. You may be driven out of vanity, the need to survive or the need to have—whatever drives your desire for success will be seen if you just choose to look. Most people do not choose to look. But based on your desire to advance in your evolution, you can free yourself from this outwardly focused drive.

We are on the threshold of the 12/21/2012 doorway into a new time. You want to be in as perfect a state of consciousness as you can be for this occasion. In addition to processing your consciousness, meditation is very important. By following these suggestions, you will find your life stabilizing quite significantly. Deepening your inner connection to Source, your internal alignment is strengthened so that you can release the outer dramas you have been embroiled in. Take in my words and make them your own. Act in your life accordingly.

The above is an excerpt from a talk given by Leslie Temple-Thurston at a student conference.

Skywalking—Reinvent Your Life Daily

May 20th, 2012

(Except from talk by Leslie Temple-Thurston at a student conference.)

We’ve waited eons for this amazing moment in time. Your soul calls you to be ready for it, but your ego wants to keep chugging along. Chug, chug, chug chug… day by day by day… and your tendency is to go with the familiarity of the ego. It’s like you’re caught in a current that you have no control over. You must STOP living in this unconscious and robotic way. It is essential you become conscious in every moment of every day and be able to make different choices. Do not be afraid to change your whole life around if you get an inner prompting or signal from Spirit that it needs to change. I am sure everybody is getting the signal to stop some part of how they are living. I know I am. It is pointless to try to keep the old motor going, it’s finished! In fact, it’s so totally finished that you need to dream a new dream every morning.

Have you noticed how we are expected to be a little different each day? If you’re still running the same old routines you’re lagging behind. Be aware there could come a moment when the elastic snaps you out of your routine and into the present moment and your rapid entry into this new reality will be a shock. It’s very shocking to go from one reality into another over night. Daily, incremental changes are required to keep apace with the changes that are leading us to a non-dual state of consciousness. It is when life has to haul you through your resistance into the present moment, that you end up disoriented, discombobulated, afraid, sick, or whatever. Instead, reinvent your life daily.

ladybug on a blade of grassYour attachments are what will hold you back from stepping into a new framework everyday. To release your attachments, you must be able to walk away from things. There is really nothing to be afraid of. The only things that makes you afraid are the attachments themselves. Attachments that say, ‘I can’t let this go… I need it!… It’s MINE!…My life is dependent on it.’ In third-dimensional (dual) consciousness, external things do function as the mainstay of your life. They are substantiated through the consciousness of ambition, attachment, vanity, desire for status and the need for security or compensation of some sort. The third-dimensional tendency to believe that the external things are your mainstay creates a spiritual weakness or instability that you must now face.

As you enter the dimension of the heart the true mainstay of life emerges. The true mainstay of life emanates from the beautiful life of light that lives inside your body. You must be willing to examine every place you’ve projected your Source or Tree of Life onto something outside of you. Once you’ve identified a projection, ask yourself, “Can I walk away from this?” Do not ask whether you need to walk away from it right now… just could you walk away from it? If you were asked to walk away from it right now, could you do that without batting an eyelid? Or would it be a ripping or tearing away that you are reluctant to experience? If the later is true, you know you’ve identified an attachment.

An example of this type of inquiry is asking, “What if I give up my job?” The arising thoughts may be, “It will be difficult to get another one. What will I do? I’ll have no money.” Your examination will reveal where it is that you look for your source of support. Can you trust the support of the Divine over the outer forms you are conditioned to rely on? Mostly the answer is no. You’re still dependent on the outside and you have not tested the support that comes from within. So when you get the signal that says, “Walk away from this job right now.”… you can’t do it. You’ll hang in and hang in and you will be staying for all the wrong reasons. Staying drains your energy horrendously because you’ve denied the inner direction of your life.

We call walking away from what has supported us before we know what will come next ‘sky-walking’. It feels like you are doing a skydive out of a plane without a parachute and you have to somehow learn to fly or fall to your death. You must trust that Spirit will catch you because there is nothing else there… or so it seems. Yet, if it is a moment when a doorway is being offered and you’re following your inner guidance… you will make the leap.

I have to say that I feel that sky-walking is the number one process of this era for spiritual seekers. It is the predicament of third-dimensional consciousness that humans are addicted to the outer so much that they have lost faith in the inner. And this era is about who is able to graduate out of this addiction. The graduates will be those who trust Spirit and can let go when asked to. So in whatever way it comes, in whatever way you’re asked… align with your core and sky-walk!

Ask and You Shall Receive

September 27th, 2011

by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin

doorwayIt is true to say that we create our own reality and that the Universe will give us exactly what we ask for. However, there is a big caveat: We can only manifest from the level of clarity of the consciousness we hold. Manifestations can go haywire and be fraught with pitfalls if they come from the limitations of the ego, such as selfishness and greed, and therefore what we manifest comes to teach us lessons about our limitations.

We know a single dad, who was approaching his 40th birthday and was in the midst of what you might call a mid-life crisis. He wanted to manifest a Porsche as a gift to himself. His friends and family noticed that the reasons were compensation for deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness and that this manifestation was coming from a place of arrogance and selfishness.

On the morning of his birthday, he picked up his expensive silver Porsche. His two small children, who adored him, wanted to spend the night together with him and fix him a special dinner. Instead, he ignored them and decided to go out with friends, who had planned a surprise party for him that night.

He and his friends decided to go clubbing after the party. However, nobody wanted to ride in the car with him because of his attitude. They all left the party first, and so he was the last one out. As he was backing out of the steep driveway, he misjudged the angle and wound up badly scraping his brand-new, shiny Porsche along the rock wall running parallel to the driveway. The car was significantly damaged. To add insult to injury, he also popped a tire. Because the tire was flat, he couldn’t drive the car and had to leave it parked at the end of his friend’s driveway. He was forced to walk home to spend the night alone. For many days, he felt embarrassed, depressed and couldn’t see the humor in the situation. However, his children were quite amused and even a wee bit gleeful. He didn’t keep that car for very long, probably because it was a constant reminder of the painful lesson of manifesting from the level of ego.

The popular book (and movie), The Secret, reveals one of the important aspects of this law, which is “the law of attraction”. It is true that we bring into our lives that which we think and feel strongly about. In other words, “thoughts become things”. However, like looking through the proverbial keyhole to see what is happening in the room beyond, this is a mere fraction of the whole picture. The real secret behind The Secret is that without some deeper self-examination about our desires, fears and true motivations, we manifest from a place of extreme limitation. We become even more entangled in the sticky web of ego.

This is a painful hindrance on the path of Self-discovery and can even be dangerous. Especially for people who are on a conscious spiritual path and who desire to help the planet at this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution, manifesting without the level of clarity and purity that self inquiry brings is a treacherous diversion. With the planet in such extreme peril, we can no longer afford to distract ourselves by playing in these distorted, delusional realms.

Manifesting from a selfish place and calling it “spiritual” really amounts to nothing more than the sanctification of greed. The urgency of our global predicament demands more of us now. It is time to stop manifesting by looking through the keyhole of the limited ego, to burst open the door of the hidden unconscious self, to shine the light on the shadows in the basement and reveal the luminous treasure house of true abundance that awaits us.

A corollary to the law of “Ask and You Shall Receive” is that we are usually much better off asking for qualities of the heart and soul because they develop a higher caliber of character, rather than simply asking for material things. For example, ask for qualities such as: integrity, discernment, balance, clarity, more energy and light, generosity, the wisdom to serve the Earth in the highest way, the ability to love more, and so forth. From those enlightened characteristics, we make better choices in what we manifest.

One of the ways to avoid manifesting from ego is to practice manifesting selflessly instead of selfishly. We have the power to change the outcome of crises, such as: global warming, the extinction of species, terrorism, wars, and so forth. When we ask for something of value for the Earth or somebody else, it is much more powerful than asking for material things for ourselves.

It is also okay to ask for material possessions for ourselves, but we must first examine our motives. Are they selfishly oriented? Is it appropriate for the times we are living in? Is it really something we need? To people of conscience and maturity, manifesting nowadays from the place of glamour, status or selfishness feels inappropriate. Playing with manifestation, where God is like a cosmic Santa Claus fulfilling our selfish desires, is really an extreme beginner’s level. In the paradigm of the Flow, we learn to ask primarily for qualities of the heart and soul and for what we can give, and in return Spirit sees our needs and brings them to us without our having to ask. Our service opens the way for the flow of our needs to be fulfilled very quietly and gracefully.