(English) The Art of Conscious Creative Adaptation


The Power of “Processing”
July 24 & 25, 2010
A Two-day Public Teleconference Intensive with Leslie Temple-Thurston


The road we are traveling along is deep and wide and full of light. It is a new kind of light, unfamiliar even to developed mystics familiar with the transcendental light. The daily downloads of this light are going to change us and change our world very rapidly. The most sensitive are able to feel it easily now, and others are affected by it without necessarily knowing what is affecting them. This could be a fairly problematic situation as people struggle and react to their strange circumstances.

What is conscious, creative adaptation? Essentially, it is the ability to turn on a dime if necessary, based on the perception that you are a being who is full of insight and adaptability, creative and fearless. It is about living beyond the limitations of egoic thinking, beyond states such as negativity, anger, pain and fear.

What is conscious, creative adaptation? Essentially, it is the ability to turn on a dime if necessary,…living beyond the limitations of egoic thinking.

Since moving into the 21st century, there has been increasing polarization between those who seek transcendence from the limitation of ego and who are therefore applying themselves to spiritual practice, and those who (inadvertently or not) are deepening their state of egoic separation through their negative actions. All the while the intensity of the cosmic energies are deeply affecting all of us, dredging up our hidden shadow.

Those with a secular mindset will be most adversely affected because they will believe that the inner shadow stories rising in consciousness are real and need to be dealt with through physical action. Many will begin to act out their shadow in destructive ways, and/or project it out on to others, seeing them as enemies. People on a spiritual path learn to recognize that this unconscious shadow stuff is not real, that it is rising out of their own unconscious as a story and that it can be processed away without detrimental consequences, creating the loving ascension of consciousness.

The task of shifting an individual’s consciousness from the separate state of ego into unity with higher dimensions has always been the prime purpose of the path of spiritual awakening. Choosing this path opens a person’s awareness to the vast beauty and wisdom of the cosmos and into a flow of intelligent, transcendental light, love, joy and peace.

In this climate of extreme dissonance between those people choosing either the secular or the spiritual life, many spiritual souls are choosing to live beyond the separate ego and move into transcendence as a way of balancing and stabilizing the world.

Getting there requires workable ways of dissolving old egoic structures and opening the Higher Light Awareness. Always present within us, it waits to be claimed, blocked by the contrived beliefs of the limited ego that defines our current Patriarchal age. Now at this time of the dissolution of the Patriarchy, our evolutionary journey seems to be asking us to accelerate. This entails finding ways of transforming our ego so completely that we cannot remain limited or stuck in the state of separation from the cosmos.

…life is demanding that we find innovative ways to meet ever-changing conditions….This requires that we let go, open our creative mind and find innovative solutions…

The speed of someone’s transformation has always been a personal choice—a slow amble through the park to smell the roses, or its opposite, a wild dash for the finish line. Yet lately the journey has changed significantly in a number of ways. Humanity faces a continuously increasing flow of new challenges—almost daily. As the global vibration speeds up and new energies move faster than ever into the psyche and into the world, life is demanding that we find innovative ways to meet ever-changing conditions. We must manage the journey differently. We must be capable of changing our lives, adapting without attachment or hesitation, to keep pace with the doorways opening to us. This requires that we let go, open our creative mind and find innovative solutions to maximize the power of the journey. We must find the clarity to change and adapt at top speed.

During our teleconference, we will explore:

  • how to dissolve ego separation, using simple, as well as advanced, methods
  • ways of “seeing and perceiving” that allow us to move beyond ego separation
  • how the anatomy of the physical body contains and preserves the state of egoic separation so that the subtle body and subtle realms are not perceived
  • the dynamics of how the mind operates in order to preserve the separate state and block cosmic awareness.
  • how to move away from structured perceptions and habits and into creative solutions.

Price: $250

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