Leslie with Kellyann Conway in South Africa

Kellyann Conway is Leslie’s personal assistant in South Africa. Here are a few of their fun and inspiring animal experiences.


Thanksgiving LeslieWalk Leslie and Kellyann

Baboon on Kellyann’s Patio TableSleepy baboon on Kellyann’s patio table at Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.


Baboons on Leslie’s Patio
Cheeky baboons play on Leslie’s patio at Blyde River Canyon, South Africa.


Boing Boing Bush Baby Eats a Banana
A hungry bush baby eats a banana on Kellyann’s kitchen counter at Blyde River Canyon.


Bush Baby in Kellyann’s Hand
The cutest little bush baby in the world fell out of the thatched roof, and Kellyann helps it find its mama.


Leslie Feeds 3 Zebras
Leslie Temple-Thurston at home with the zebras at beautiful Blyde River Canyon.


Leslie Feeds Mama Zebra w Baby
Mama Zebra needs her carrots so she can feed baby, and Leslie is happy to provide them!


Leslie Talks with Zebra Mama and Baby
Leslie and this mama zebra have a deep bond.


Leslie Watching Elephants
Leslie Temple-Thurston gleefully watching a few dozen elephants romping and playing in the mud at a Kruger Park watering hole.


Leslie, Kellyann w Mama and Baby Zebra
Leslie and Kellyann find the Zebra Mama and baby in the bushveld.


Timothy Zebra at Kellyann’s house
Timothy Zebra and his girlfriend show up at Kellyann’s house unannounced.