More Information about The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program

Each Module’s Curriculum Includes:

  • Recorded audio classes (MP3s) designed by Leslie especially for the course. There are discourses given by Leslie over the past 20 years on the perennial wisdom teachings.
  • Reading assignments that cover a range of books from timeless spiritual classics to works by modern day experts on psychology and sociology, which augment the audio classes.
  • Writing assignments are given as a way to concretize the teachings and to enable students to make them their own. Please note that the reading and writing assignments are not required unless one would like to receive a Certificate of Graduation.
  • Personal practice of journaling.
  • Daily meditation.

Participation and Minimum Requirements to Progress

The class curriculum is for those who are ready to fully immerse themselves in the material for maximum, rapid advancement. While not a requirement, all students are highly encouraged to complete all of the writing and reading assignments. We recommend a commitment to completing the written assignments for each class, as there is a profound level of transformation that takes place when you make the effort required to truly embody the teachings. You concretize this timeless wisdom when you are able to reflect the teachings back onto paper in your own words, from your own heart, from your own mind, to directly express the truth that they reveal to you about your own nature. This is the level of mastery that we wish for each student to attain during The Enhanced Self-Discovery Program.

Students can move through the material at a fast or slow pace; however, students are required to spend a minimum of three months with a module before moving onto another module. What is most important is that you are able to devote the requisite amount of attention and focus to each module in the series.

Completion of a minimum number of two papers per module is required to advance to the next module, if you are planning to receive a CoreLight Certificate of Graduation.

CoreLight Certificate of Graduation

A graduate of the program is someone who, through their growth into a deeper awareness of reality and through their inspiration and maturity, is on a path towards helping others transform. Each person is supported on his or her own unique journey and individual calling. To receive a Certificate of Graduation, one must complete all eight modules, all required reading and a minimum of two papers per module.

Cost Per Module

Tuition includes:

The Inner Connection – Leslie will continue to work with you inwardly to support your spiritual growth. By developing the inner connection, we are able to increase the flow of awareness of Presence.

Designated CoreLight Teacher – The modules are supported by teachers, like-minded souls who have graduated from the Teacher Training Program, who are also on their own committed journey, and are available to guide and help students troubleshoot issues in their lives. For each module, there is CoreLight Teacher who will work directly with you. Your teacher will be in regular communication with your class, and available to guide and support you as you move through the materials.

Teleconference dialogues – Regular conference calls with Leslie and the CoreLight teachers are held for currently enrolled students.

Interactive Online Forum – Class members have access to an interactive online forum (also known as Caucus) to download their course material and to connect with each other, their CoreLight teacher and Leslie in a web-based classroom and conference format. The forum also provides access to many articles written by Leslie, as well as all of the audio transcripts and written course materials.

Mentors and Golden Orb Groups – As part of the course, a circle of loving beings who serve as mentors offer support to their peers on the path of spiritual transformation and awakening and are available regularly for guidance and in-depth personal processing. Mentors have successfully mastered the CoreLight processing techniques in their own lives, and facilitate weekly teleconference processing groups called “Golden Orbs”, which also offers an opportunity to connect with other students and graduates.

Additional web- and teleconference-based seminars – CoreLight offers a range of courses and seminars, given by Leslie and other teachers who are experts in their fields, that is available only to the current student body and graduates. This includes an annual All Student Conference.

To Apply

An application form is required for each module. Please click on the module name to download the corresponding application.

If you have any questions, please email or phone (505) 424-8844 ext. 5.