About Victoria More

Victoria More

Victoria began her professional career as a ballet dancer, performing with the NYC Opera, NYC Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet companies, during her early twenties. She realized that much as she loved the expression of joy and beauty found in this art form, performing didn’t truly fulfill her inner longing for divine connection, and was ultimately drawn to the practice of meditation. She left her performing career to become a Transcendental Meditation teacher and has been immersed in the practice and teaching of spiritual growth and development through various forms of meditation, yoga, and wisdom teachings ever since.

She is versed in both eastern and western esoteric traditions, and has been ordained as a Buddhist monk and a CoreLight minister. Spirit has led her to many wonderful teachers and traditions, including the paths of Vedanta, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Mysticism, the Marriage of Spirit and the Perennial Wisdom teachings. Her experience is that with commitment, passion and continuous surrender, all of these paths ultimately lead to the Truth of Oneness. She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers as expressions of Truth, and especially to her beloved friend and teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston, with whom she has been blessed to study with since 1997.

She is dedicated to the ongoing journey of ever ascending levels of awakening and to assisting others on this journey by sharing what she has learned while continuing to work on herself.

To me, Mysticism is the ability to discern, understand and attune to life and the world from the perspective of its subtle energetic configurations… experiencing life at a vibrational level, the benefit of which is a more subtle and expansive level of perception and awareness.

—Victoria More

She has also enjoyed several careers, as a teacher: (of ballet, meditation and yoga), a mother, a business woman, and an Information Technologies consultant, specializing in business and systems analysis, development and project management. For the past five years, she has served as Director of the CoreLight Enlightenment Studies program, where she can bring together the skills and knowledge from her past experiences, and offer them in service to the Divine.

As Director of CoreLight Enlightenment Studies Program, she facilitates and directs the Spiritual Warrior and Enhanced Self-Discovery programs. She coordinates the teaching staff and the student activities, while also teaching classes herself. She works closely with Leslie to create and develop new classes and events for the Enlightenment Studies program and the broader CoreLight community. Her passion and goal is to share these practical, yet profound, mystical teachings with as broad an audience as possible and support the CoreLight students’ ascension in consciousness.

She is also passionate about Africa—her beloved second home—and the many projects that CoreLight and Seeds of Light are engaged with in rural South Africa. She and Leslie co-founded Seeds of Light, our humanitarian arm, in 2000 to give services to AIDS orphans. Her love of the African people, the wildlife, the exquisite landscape, the energy and the presence of Mother Africa is a source of profound inspiration, solace and compassionate expression for her.

To “BE in the world but not of it” is navigating through life’s activities from the perception of their energetic essence rather than from egoic motivation—actions and reactions—beyond attraction (desires) and repulsion (fear).
—Victoria More