About Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin

“When we balance our inner masculine and feminine, our hearts open, and that creates doorways in consciousness to birth in us a fuller understanding of who we truly are. Very quickly, we begin to discover our authentic self, which is our soul essence.”

—Brad Laughlin

Brad is dedicated to finding innovative ways of helping people to awaken spiritually and to find love, joy and inspiration during these times of great change. Using ancient Truth teachings, yogic practices and spiritual psychology, he works with students worldwide to dissolve old, limiting ego structures that keep us trapped in negativity, pain and fear.

Brad’s transformative events are based on the CoreLight principles of integration and unity consciousness, which help us to know our own inner Divinity—who we truly are.

He believes that global change can be accomplished through each person’s willingness to show up and get involved. He realizes that only by changing our personal state of consciousness—how we see and relate to one another, the world and nature as a whole—can humanity pass through this current time of transition in an optimal way. Brad supports others in knowing that the greatest gift we can give the world is our own awakened consciousness.

One of Brad’s unique gifts is holding an expansive view of the soul’s journey, while grounding spiritual principles in practical ways in daily life—work, relationships, finances and creative expression in the world. This is the path of embodiment: knowing unshakably that we are spiritual beings—pure love, light and consciousness—having a human experience. When we understand ourselves in this way, we can live joyful, healthy, dynamic lives no matter what the circumstances.

As the world’s outmoded, destructive and unsustainable systems dissolve, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment of human evolution—an unparalleled call for change and growth. Despite the surface appearance, a beautiful new paradigm of love and higher consciousness is birthing. Brad assists others in recognizing this vital truth. Using a spiritual lens, he teaches how to create positive change in the microcosm of our lives and in the macrocosm of the world. He holds a vision for a sustainable, peaceful world of heart-centered consciousness and for planetary breakthrough rather than breakdown.

Brad has been the Executive Director of CoreLight since 1993. His life-partner of over 25 years, Leslie Temple-Thurston, is CoreLight’s founder, and together they incorporated it as a non-profit organization in 1997. He is a CoreLight minister and sits on its Board of Directors.

For over 20 years Brad has facilitated spiritual retreats and journeys to sacred sites worldwide, including: South Africa, Egypt, France, Greece, Brazil and the American Southwest.

Brad’s new book, Waking the Yin Warrior, is forthcoming. With Leslie, he is co-author of two books, The Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World and Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys of Ascension.

With Leslie he is co-founder of Seeds of Light, CoreLight’s humanitarian arm, serving marginalized communities and AIDS orphans in South Africa. One of Brad’s passions is directing and producing short films about the work of CoreLight and Seeds of Light.

Brad loves story-telling, has a B.S. degree from Duke University, and when not with his partner, Leslie, in South Africa, is traveling and offering events in other parts of the world.

Brad at Elephant Whispers At home at school Brad at adams calendar

When we learn to listen to and follow our heart,
life takes on a whole new adventure. We find magic,
mystery, joy, fulfillment, abundance and a steady
awakening to God-consciousness within us.
—Brad Laughlin