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A Power of One Unfolding

July 22nd, 2012

We received a touching example of how we effect each others lives and how the Power of One can make a difference in our world. We are sharing the following letter written by an award winning World Pulse journalist and DR Congo activist who was recently part of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Earth Healing Project.

Neema’s Reflections

Dearest Cynthia and Raji, having experienced the passing of a few months since your visit, I want to share with you some lasting impressions that I myself have experienced, and am witnessing in and from others.

It’s sometimes difficult to register the entirety of impact from what you immediately recognize as a significant event. There are usually ripple or secondary affects, and in some cases those affects can register more powerfully than the event itself, ie. the tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan that were the result of the earth’s quaking miles away. And while I’m using a negative example, I mean for it to be understood in the most positive light. For it does indeed seem that your visit to East Congo caused a critical disturbance in the genetic coding of a scheme that had run so long and had taken us so far in its intention, that our self-destruction was not only certain, it was imminent. We saw it as corruption fostered by greed and lusts for power and position governing back behind every thought and action. Neema holding and comtemplating the EarthAs a giant meteor entering earth’s atmosphere would gain momentum when nature’s gravity takes over, with a force more powerful than any man made weapon could be engineered to prevent it, so we were on a course to destroy not only ourselves, but inevitably, a good chunk of the earth as well.

And I think that’s the critical element. You entered our orbit with no contrivance to your program. We knew you were coming with a Peace Agenda. We knew you were desperate in heart to somehow effect an end to the violence and destruction in Congo; to its land and its people. But your agenda almost seemed to have no agenda. There was no campaign launched; no “7 steps to peace” announced; no slogans subliminally introduced. No, every move, every situation, every encounter and interaction was allowed to develop; every next-step allowed to present itself. So what was effecting? What was operating, motivating, encouraging, nurturing, and leading us? It was a spirit so compelling, so inviting, so embracing, so inclusive, so intentional, and so undeniably present and in demonstration, so unassuming and yet strangely powerful – we felt it as LOVE.

But what kind of tactic is that? You left without giving us a plan. No strategy was laid out. In fact, the enemy wasn’t even identified. Or was it?

The whole of our upbringing, our culture, our religion, our education, has taught us that “they” are the enemy. But after you left we noticed that something was seeded within us. A new perspective was dawning, and it was illuminating something foreign to us. We have begun to see that the evil set against us was not some man, or government, or system, and therefore no contrivance of man could overcome it. Our enemy had been our ignorance. How gullible we have been. How easily snared we were. Our fathers fell for a lie that we in turn perpetuated. The enemy was our own understanding, and more than that; our unwillingness to understand. It was easier to believe that “they” were the enemy. But Love told the Truth.

But how did you do it? What was your method? We didn’t recognize your program. But then the dawn began to reveal that you were only a carrier; you were only its instrument. The force was unseen. And in the seed was a consciousness that held all the answers.

We continue to be hit with these waves washing over us. If there is any destruction, it is only that which was destroying us from the inside out. But all of that is happening almost without notice. For our attention has been drawn to a mind that is clear, brightened with an understanding that is forgiving, patient, willing, sympathetic, intentionally caring, and intrinsically loving.

While you were here we spoke over and over of the New Congo we intended. We had no idea that we already possessed it. All we had to do was open our hearts and receive it.

You affirmed many times that although you were the ones standing before us, there were many with you, and therefore with us. And so you brought gifts and contributed your talents, imparting new media skills and leaving us equipment to help tell the developing story. And now thankfully, that story will be presented in a new light, as we are all looking through a new lens.

How can we thank you Cynthia and Raji? I think your example has shown us all we can do is what you did for us; become Love’s carrier.

Truly Yours,

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The Power of One Effect

July 16th, 2012

Excerpt from The Power of One by Leslie Temple-Thurston

There is a principle we have come to call the “power of one” effect ever since an experience we witnessed in 1994. That year, something I had always prayed for happened. Apartheid came to an end, and our understanding was that it was the power of the many, solidifying into one intention, that created the power of one. It is this effect of the power of one that I would like to outline here.

Blyde River Reflection

The awakening of peace consciousness is a major issue facing humanity right now. It has also become an issue dear to our hearts. As seekers after truth, we hope others will find themselves wanting to join the corps of believers who feel that this is the next frontier in our work as transformers of ourselves—and that by this recognition they will also be willing to put their hearts and minds into a commitment to hold a solid intention for change towards peace. The solidarity of intent is everything. It is the essence of the power of one.

As we begin to waken to our larger, universal selves, and as we clear and integrate more and more of our shadow in advanced Self-discovery, each one of us becomes conscious of being merged into a larger, more universal awareness—an awareness which is always present in this world—that of unity consciousness. This unity, which is also oneness of heart, holds a higher vibration and exists right through the field of the collective personality of humankind—even if usually unseen. Each one of us with a body and a personality living in the world, is an expression of that unity, whether we know it or not….

It is this principle of unifying mind, or of oneness, the many becoming of one mind, that I am calling the power of one.

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July 6th, 2012

Humility is a strange thing....The moment you think you've got it, you've lost it.Humility is the non-judgement of oneself and others. In humility we do not indulge in feeling worthless, or indulge in feeling especially self-important. Humility is not meekness, implying a sort of weakness in being humble. Humility goes beyond being humble. We find true inner power in the state of humility because it is in alignment with higher consciousness. It is a state of non-rebelliousness, non-willfulness, a state of acceptance, a state of quiescence in the mind and emotions. It comes from detachment and from seeing that everything is perfect just as it is.

From the Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

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