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Seven Portals of Spiritual Awakening

May 29th, 2012

White Daisies
The Seven Portals of Spiritual Awakening (formerly titled the Seven Gates) is a powerful seven-class discourse and discussion created by Leslie Temple-Thurston to single out and carefully define several of the most important aspects of Self-discovery. The series is designed to support the inner growth and spiritual clarity of individuals preparing to enter the state of samadhi, a state of conscious connection to Source and Oneness.

Download and listen to the first portal, Building Your Light from the free downloads page. The complete series is currently available to purchase at from the webstore at a discounted rate.

The Seven Portals:

  • Building Your Light—A discussion about different ways of increasing the flow of light and energy into your system and about how to use the light to fuel your Self-discovery.
  • Awareness Expansion—By expanding our awareness to more subtle and subconscious levels, we incorporate more of the manifold frequencies of existence and begin to integrate ourselves with the Totality.
  • Waking the Heart—The unpolarized state of the infinite heart is your birthright. Awaken the heart and discover the power of love to transform your life and relationships into a direct experience of divine connectedness.
  • The New Paradigm—Beyond the old, paradigmatic system of judgment is a system of synchronicity and fluidity. Leslie discusses learning to use the guidelines of impeccability to enter the system of flow of the new paradigm.
  • Discernment, Seeing, and Mysticism—By discovering and exploring our own innate mystical abilities, we develop our subtle perception. With this development comes discernment, which allows us to enter more fully into the new paradigm and to move towards enlightenment.
  • Spiritual Alignment—Our egoic motivations, beliefs and intentions govern our lives with a material focus. By redirecting our attention and intention toward the Source, we come into a deeper connection with all of existence and dramatically speed our awakening.
  • Meditation and Samadhi—Leslie explores and discusses the practice of meditation, the state of samadhi and the connectedness of all beings.

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Skywalking—Reinvent Your Life Daily

May 20th, 2012

(Except from talk by Leslie Temple-Thurston at a student conference.)

We’ve waited eons for this amazing moment in time. Your soul calls you to be ready for it, but your ego wants to keep chugging along. Chug, chug, chug chug… day by day by day… and your tendency is to go with the familiarity of the ego. It’s like you’re caught in a current that you have no control over. You must STOP living in this unconscious and robotic way. It is essential you become conscious in every moment of every day and be able to make different choices. Do not be afraid to change your whole life around if you get an inner prompting or signal from Spirit that it needs to change. I am sure everybody is getting the signal to stop some part of how they are living. I know I am. It is pointless to try to keep the old motor going, it’s finished! In fact, it’s so totally finished that you need to dream a new dream every morning.

Have you noticed how we are expected to be a little different each day? If you’re still running the same old routines you’re lagging behind. Be aware there could come a moment when the elastic snaps you out of your routine and into the present moment and your rapid entry into this new reality will be a shock. It’s very shocking to go from one reality into another over night. Daily, incremental changes are required to keep apace with the changes that are leading us to a non-dual state of consciousness. It is when life has to haul you through your resistance into the present moment, that you end up disoriented, discombobulated, afraid, sick, or whatever. Instead, reinvent your life daily.

ladybug on a blade of grassYour attachments are what will hold you back from stepping into a new framework everyday. To release your attachments, you must be able to walk away from things. There is really nothing to be afraid of. The only things that makes you afraid are the attachments themselves. Attachments that say, ‘I can’t let this go… I need it!… It’s MINE!…My life is dependent on it.’ In third-dimensional (dual) consciousness, external things do function as the mainstay of your life. They are substantiated through the consciousness of ambition, attachment, vanity, desire for status and the need for security or compensation of some sort. The third-dimensional tendency to believe that the external things are your mainstay creates a spiritual weakness or instability that you must now face.

As you enter the dimension of the heart the true mainstay of life emerges. The true mainstay of life emanates from the beautiful life of light that lives inside your body. You must be willing to examine every place you’ve projected your Source or Tree of Life onto something outside of you. Once you’ve identified a projection, ask yourself, “Can I walk away from this?” Do not ask whether you need to walk away from it right now… just could you walk away from it? If you were asked to walk away from it right now, could you do that without batting an eyelid? Or would it be a ripping or tearing away that you are reluctant to experience? If the later is true, you know you’ve identified an attachment.

An example of this type of inquiry is asking, “What if I give up my job?” The arising thoughts may be, “It will be difficult to get another one. What will I do? I’ll have no money.” Your examination will reveal where it is that you look for your source of support. Can you trust the support of the Divine over the outer forms you are conditioned to rely on? Mostly the answer is no. You’re still dependent on the outside and you have not tested the support that comes from within. So when you get the signal that says, “Walk away from this job right now.”… you can’t do it. You’ll hang in and hang in and you will be staying for all the wrong reasons. Staying drains your energy horrendously because you’ve denied the inner direction of your life.

We call walking away from what has supported us before we know what will come next ‘sky-walking’. It feels like you are doing a skydive out of a plane without a parachute and you have to somehow learn to fly or fall to your death. You must trust that Spirit will catch you because there is nothing else there… or so it seems. Yet, if it is a moment when a doorway is being offered and you’re following your inner guidance… you will make the leap.

I have to say that I feel that sky-walking is the number one process of this era for spiritual seekers. It is the predicament of third-dimensional consciousness that humans are addicted to the outer so much that they have lost faith in the inner. And this era is about who is able to graduate out of this addiction. The graduates will be those who trust Spirit and can let go when asked to. So in whatever way it comes, in whatever way you’re asked… align with your core and sky-walk!

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The Journey from Separation to Unity—A Brief History

May 11th, 2012

Our sense of separation has been with us as long as we can remember, and the teachings of the return journey also reach back in time, beyond our memory.

We can be certain that for at least the past five thousand years, roughly all of recorded history, most of humanity has been living in a state of feeling separate from God. When and where did our original separation happen? One possible answer is that it happened at some point in time before this cycle of civilization. To explore the mystery further, let’s take a look at one of the oldest and most familiar records of the story of our origin—the story of humanity’s fall from grace and loss of Eden as told in the book of Genesis. The legend implies that at some point in our history we fell deeply into a sense of separation from God. It suggests that Eden may possibly have been an earlier form of civilization where this was not so. If this is true, we have no conclusive record of it.tree in rock craig

You may wonder at the relevance of this legend to modern Western humanity. Yet whether the story is literal or is even an accurate allegorical description of our origin, the influence which the story has had on human consciousness in its repeated tellings over millennia has left its mark in shaping our perception. Accurate or inaccurate, literal or allegorical, we have heard it so many times that it has become an archetype passed down through generations, and therefore it in itself holds the power to affect our mindset.

If the story of Adam and Eve is an allegory of our evolution into human form, then it is also the description of our apparent fall into separation. While the story implies many aspects of loss to humanity, the one we want to examine here is the idea that we became autonomous. We look at this in the context of our discussion because separation implies autonomy. After the fall God’s support vanished, or at least that was the impression that was created. Adam and Eve could no longer enjoy the pleasures of Eden that God freely supplied unless they worked for them. They became separate from God’s counsel and God’s support and in effect became cursed. Adam and all his descendants, due to their separation and autonomy, had to labor for their survival and to take care of themselves. At some level of our awareness we have imprinted this story as a loss of our divine connectedness. It describes metaphorically the condition to which humanity is now subject—that of having to seemingly support itself—as well as how the veils of separation came about. These are the veils that obscure the divine spark within us that is our true nature.

It is interesting to note here, though, that the story also implies that there was a gain for humanity, too, in its becoming separate and autonomous. Separation and autonomy also created the effect of our being in control, or of seemingly getting to play God in the world. Genesis 3:22-23 says, “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil. Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.” And so, paradoxically, this experience of separation and autonomy also gives us the experience of getting to be like a god and to play at being a god in relation to the world, rather than to be one with God, which is the enlightened state. Autonomy is the apparent ability to be in control of our own lives, to be the do-er. It also makes us subject to polarity—good and evil.

At whatever date this legend began, the belief in separation and autonomy—in both its loss and its gain for humanity—has persisted in our world right down to present times. It is the prevailing belief humanity in the West holds today of its relationship to God.

Prior to the dissolution of the older goddess civilizations and prior to the dawn of the patriarchal age, which began about 3000 BC, the mindset was more rooted in nature and thus more connected to the earth spirit. In the earlier goddess cultures, a cosmology of many different energy forms and nature deities was venerated and celebrated in its prescribed and proper place in everyday life. Although the people of the goddess cultures lived in a way that allowed for something of a mystical union with the invisible realms, they were still experiencing some degree of separation between themselves and God. Separation, while less than our current time, was still present in the human mind.

As our modern era dawned with the birth of patriarchy around 5,000 years ago, what little sense of connection there was began to be lost. With the exception of many indigenous cultures, which still hold remnants of aspects of the earlier goddess cultures and whose relationship with nature and spirit has been more integrated, the modern, technological human has tended to slip into a philosophy of deep separation from spirit. We have progressively come to live this separation, barely remembering that there is any other way to be. As each millennium has crept by, humanity has been evolving a program in consciousness, leading it deeper and deeper into a state of ignorance about its true nature.

In his fascinating book Art and Physics, Leonard Shlain points out that “Beginning in the 5th century bc Parmenides divided the world into being and not being. His pupil Democritas soon followed with the strict separation of atoms and the void. Both Plato and Aristotle endorsed either-or logic, and Christianity incorporated a Manichean duality into the doctrine of good and evil and heaven and hell. Later Descartes divided the in here from the out there, and in so doing strongly influenced all subsequent philosophers and scientists.”

For generations modern humanity has been conditioned to hold God outside of itself. Despite the preaching of Jesus, who told us quite clearly 2,000 years ago that “the kingdom of God is within you,” (Luke 17:20, KJV) we are still looking outside ourselves for truth. We still hold the belief that the outside is separate and disconnected from who we intrinsically are in our bodies and in our limited identities.

It seems it has been humanity’s destiny to experience its separation and its disconnect from source and that like the journey of the prodigal son, life’s purpose is to grow back toward unity. The study of this journey is what we call metaphysics. Why we take this journey in the first place is one of the most basic and yet most complex of all metaphysical questions.

Except from the Marriage of Spirit—Enlightened Living in Today’s World by Leslie Temple-Thurston with Brad Laughlin

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Perceiving from Oneness

May 4th, 2012

silhouette of animals and noah's arkJust as a prism refracts white light into rainbow colors, the duality of the separate system refracts the white light of unity into its myriad separate parts. All of the species, races of human beings and the amazing diversity of forms here on Earth are aspects of that refraction. Yet we see and live with all this and forget that it all originates from the One, from the pure golden-white light. On the path of Self-discovery, we gradually develop the ability to perceive life from this place of oneness. With new eyes we learn to see oneness in everything, beyond all dualities. When Jesus said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light,” this is what he was referring to.

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