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We Are Not Our Thoughts

March 30th, 2012

heads full of thoughtsThere is a continuous stream of thoughts passing through your awareness field when you meditate. But somebody or something is aware of the stream of thoughts. Who is that? What or who is it that perceives the flow, the play of thoughts going by, yet seems to be unaffected by and unattached to the thoughts? As well, who is this witness who is able to see and know the personality? With the realization that I am not my thoughts or my personality, comes the question, “Then who am I, or what am I?” The truth is seeing that I am essence through which the thoughts and states of personality pass.
Leslie Temple-Thurston from The Marriage of Spirit book
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Embodying Your Authentic Self

March 11th, 2012

by Leslie Temple-Thurston

Now that we have arrived at 2012, we as seekers of Truth, need to examine how we have taken for granted and are quite attached to our “God-given way of life” and how it is no longer serving us. The American dream has become the American nightmare. The Western way of life has held us in a very seductive and privileged comfort zone that has actually hindered our full awakening. We can no longer afford the kind of latitude that these sought-after privileges give us if we are to awaken, ascend and manifest a new way of being in the world*. This is because the idea of losing them then becomes our greatest fear. Resisting change and fearing loss are our Achilles heel.group of white straw flowers

Life is about learning lessons*. This is not the meaning usually ascribed to life by the average person who tends to think that life is more about looking good, feeling good and having a good time—their own personal well-being, in other words. The overall effect of shifting this perception about life’s purpose is deceptive. It may seem innocuous at first glance, yet it constitutes a major step toward reclaiming and embodying your original or authentic Self.

Living for the purpose of pleasure, safety or comfort takes one’s life down a very different track from a life motivated by the desire to complete the awakenings that you came here for. By awakenings, I mean experiences fathomed and the resulting jewels of awareness that develop—stored safely in the soul as beacons of Truth. Lessons learned inevitably become the wisdom of the deeper meaning of life—life as a journey toward knowing who “You” truly are, toward finding Your place in the cosmos. This is a very different state of consciousness than wearing the mask of the separate self, which strives for success—to win power, money or celebrity status to protect the comfort zone of the wounded, soft underbelly of the ego.

An alternative to making things like safety and comfort our main concerns in life, is to choose Truth and to live in Truth. Embodying Truth, or holding Truth in the physical body itself, and thus living in the physical world in your authentic state of beingness, presence, love and luminosity, takes time and work. Yet during the current accelerated times in which we live, this can be done at a very fast pace, faster than ever before in human history, if one is willing to learn every lesson as it arises in life’s circumstances.

Bringing your body into the enlightened state and the enlightened state into the world is the final piece of the journey and takes longer than connecting to your real Self at a mental level. To awaken in your mind is only the beginning. Bringing the divine life through all the structures of your current world takes the unswerving commitment to live the lessons fully and to “get” the truths they offer across the board*. It means surrendering the tendency to compartmentalize work, play, relationships, career and lifestyle from your spiritual life. It also means not compartmentalizing your personal journey from the larger world around you. By this I mean seeing that politics, the environment, education and socio-economic issues that others struggle with is also part of your inner life.

To embody enlightenment you must be dedicated to the service of Truth, and Truth only. It is true that the Truth will set you free, and it is also true that first you must liberate Truth in yourself.

From Articles and Essays by Leslie Temple-Thurston

*Read about the Marriage of Spirit processing techniques (free chapters online) and the self-paced Spiritual Warrior Training Course to facilitate and support your journey to awaken.

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Heroes, Hope and Heart

March 4th, 2012

“We believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is through love that the world will change. Love never divides. It always multiplies.” —Leslie Temple-Thurston

Lesson at the Keyboards

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