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Clearing Shadow Helps Create a Flow of Abundance

November 20th, 2011

An Excerpt from “From Money to Love—Journey to a New Paradigm”
A Course by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin
Authentic abundance is a flow of divine grace and love and often includes material abundance too; it is always having exactly what we need, but not necessarily always what we want.

In the third-dimensional world of duality, most people cannot access a flow of abundance because they feel very separate and disconnected from each other and the world around them. The flow is blocked much of the time because of the nature of the dual system in which we live.

White rose

The ego is polarized between negative and positive, and on the journey to living a life of authentic abundance, it is essential to integrate duality into Oneness. Reconciling the opposites that we hold in consciousness helps one access the flow and understand and embody the unity.

For example, virtually every human on the planet has the following splits in consciousness, which keep us locked into separation and duality: victim-tyrant, pain-pleasure, shame-pride, worthlessness-worthiness, poor-rich and so forth. We flip-flop. Consciousness fluctuates between the two sides from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. We chase one side and shun the other.

Sometimes we have success, but often we fail and have to live out the negative side. No matter how hard we run towards the positive side, like a mouse on a treadmill, we never seem to actually arrive there. That’s because in the system of duality, the negative is always chasing us. But by reconciling and unifying the opposites inside of us, awareness changes, ultimately resulting in changes in the outer world.

Reconciling and healing the polarized consciousness inside of us is also known as clearing the shadow, and this work is entirely possible to do. There are many techniques nowadays for clearing the shadow, and it is important to find one that works for you. We offer a few methods of clearing shadow, simple journaling techniques, in our book The Marriage of Spirit, and several free chapters are available online.

One such method, Polarity Processing, involves finding opposites, and in prayer, making an offering of these lists and asking for the new, higher truth to be instituted in your consciousness. Here are some common polarities associated with money issues that create enormous, life-changing experiences when they are unified:

  • Success ​​Failure​​​​​
  • Spoiled ​​Abused​​​​​
  • Survival ​​Death​​​​​​​​​​
  • Homeless ​​Having a Home​​​​​
  • Work ​​Play​​​​​​​​​​
  • Worthy ​​Worthless​​​​​
  • Abundance​ Deprivation​​​​​​​​​
  • Withholding ​Trust​​​​​
  • Asceticism ​Hedonism​​​​​​​​​
  • Control ​​Chaos​​​​​
  • Power ​​Powerlessness​​​​​​​​​
  • Fulfillment ​Emptiness​​​​​
  • Greed ​​Generosity​​​​​​​​​
  • Selfish ​​Selfless​​​​​
  • Rich Poor

In prayer, make an offering of these lists and ask for the new, higher truth to be instituted in your consciousness.
Furthermore, it is very hard to change our behavior around money without clearing the money shadows that affect our mindset and stop us from living in a flow of authentic abundance.

When searching for our programming around money, it is often helpful to identify the family and tribal messages we were given about money. For example, here is a short list:

  1. Money is the root of all evil.​​​​​
  2. There is never enough to go around.​​​​​
  3. You win some and you lose some.​​​​​
  4. Be careful of losing the little you have.​​​​​
  5. Me first, me only. Or, I’m all right, Jack.​​​​​
  6. Take the money and run.​​​​​
  7. Every man for himself.​​​​​

To counteract these tribal messages, it is helpful to rewrite them to reflect a higher truth. For example:

  1. Money is neither good nor bad; it is a neutral force.
  2. There is plenty for everyone.
  3. At the level of unity consciousness, there is no such thing as loss and gain.
  4. Always live with a generous spirit, even if you have very little.
  5. I choose to help others less fortunate than I am.
  6. Practice giving without thought of reward.
  7. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Again in prayer, make an offering of these lists and ask for the new, higher truth to be instituted in your consciousness.

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Finding a Connection with Your Inner Divine Self

November 17th, 2011

The Seven Keys of AscensionMost people on the planet are in third-dimensional consciousness right now and since the planet is moving up in its evolution, everyone must move as well. We are moving into fourth-dimensional consciousness. A fairly accurate analogy of this process is to view the ego as though it were an onion. As we process and use the seven keys (read more about the seven keys and how they unlock the knots between the chakras) our consciousness ascends through the core from root to crown. Every time we experience that complete movement from root to crown by opening the seven locks, we peel layers of our egoic onion. This is the clearing process. Every time we make that kundalini–ascension journey from root to crown, more onion layers peel away, and we are closer to the pure, pristine experience of the core. Thus we are gradually moving into fourth-dimensional consciousness. Eventually, we peel away all of the onion layers associated with third-dimensional egoic consciousness until we have reached the core, and we shift, becoming firmly established in fourth-dimensional consciousness. Many people who are on a spiritual path now are somewhere between the two, with a foot in each dimension….

It is likely that many of the souls choosing to move with the evolutionary stream into higher dimensions will flip-flop back and forth between the third dimension and the fourth or fifth for awhile. It is not usual for someone to shift all at once into the new paradigm. When we have a peak experience, we temporarily merge with the faster vibration, but often we have to go back to the old vibration and do more clearing work (read about The Marriage of Spirit clearing methods) before we can permanently relocate to the new. This back-and-forth movement is quite normal and goes on for quite awhile….

In general just meditation or prayer or studying with a spiritual teacher is not enough in and of itself, with some exceptions of course. Spiritual seekers must use their initiative now more than ever before, to become conscious of the luminous core of enlightened awareness that is within each of us. A passive approach is not what is called for at this time of enormous change and acceleration. Simply waiting for grace to bop us on the head with a magic wand and wake us up is a very slow path. The opportunity to grow and evolve is greater now than perhaps ever before in the history of our planet, and we are being asked to meet Spirit halfway on this leg of the journey. To take an active role in processing the ego and in peeling its onion layers is a virtue beyond measure at this time. Moving beyond avoidance and denial of our shadow issues offers great rewards and is easier now than ever before. Spirit is offering special dispensations, so to speak, to those who are willing to heed this call. In other words, a little bit of processing goes a long way toward awakening, and there is an enormous amount of help and support from the invisible realms at the present time.

During this turbulent time of humanity’s evolution, it is essential that we begin to look within for the answers. By clearing our own consciousness, by taking responsibility for our own life’s situations, we move beyond victim consciousness, beyond loss, beyond blame and beyond apparent betrayals and powerlessness. We become capable of viewing the ego impersonally and moving into compassion, forgiveness, and non-dual truth. In this way we develop a very personal and real connection with our own inner divine self.

Except from Returning to Oneness—The Seven Keys to Ascension by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin. Read Sample chapters online.

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Always Live in Truth

November 15th, 2011

An Excerpt from “From Money to Love—Journey to a New Paradigm”

A Course by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin

walking the labyrinthThere are two kinds of truth: absolute truth, an alignment into the oneness, and egoic truth, which is very slippery and subjective. The egoic version of truth is based in opinion.

We live in a relative world where our perception of truth is relative. Our imaginative minds distort facts, make assumptions and create opinions and ideas that are not absolutes; therefore they are not real truths. These relative “truths” exist in the realms of supposition, assumption and wishful thinking—what in the East is called maya, the delusional, ungraspable appearance of life, the made-up, imaginary reality of ego.

Humans need a bridge to get to higher truth. Walking that bridge means that one must stick diligently to the facts as much as possible. If someone wants to discover the higher levels of truth, one has to use subjective truth factually. When someone does this, even if it means admitting to wrongdoing, one’s whole field begins to clarify, becoming more transparent, and one begins catching glimpses of higher consciousness. Ultimately, one finds the noble truth of absolutes.

Living in this state of higher consciousness and acting from that place in our business and personal relationships helps us to live in the Flow and manifest abundance.

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