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Ask and You Shall Receive

September 27th, 2011

by Leslie Temple-Thurston and Brad Laughlin

doorwayIt is true to say that we create our own reality and that the Universe will give us exactly what we ask for. However, there is a big caveat: We can only manifest from the level of clarity of the consciousness we hold. Manifestations can go haywire and be fraught with pitfalls if they come from the limitations of the ego, such as selfishness and greed, and therefore what we manifest comes to teach us lessons about our limitations.

We know a single dad, who was approaching his 40th birthday and was in the midst of what you might call a mid-life crisis. He wanted to manifest a Porsche as a gift to himself. His friends and family noticed that the reasons were compensation for deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness and that this manifestation was coming from a place of arrogance and selfishness.

On the morning of his birthday, he picked up his expensive silver Porsche. His two small children, who adored him, wanted to spend the night together with him and fix him a special dinner. Instead, he ignored them and decided to go out with friends, who had planned a surprise party for him that night.

He and his friends decided to go clubbing after the party. However, nobody wanted to ride in the car with him because of his attitude. They all left the party first, and so he was the last one out. As he was backing out of the steep driveway, he misjudged the angle and wound up badly scraping his brand-new, shiny Porsche along the rock wall running parallel to the driveway. The car was significantly damaged. To add insult to injury, he also popped a tire. Because the tire was flat, he couldn’t drive the car and had to leave it parked at the end of his friend’s driveway. He was forced to walk home to spend the night alone. For many days, he felt embarrassed, depressed and couldn’t see the humor in the situation. However, his children were quite amused and even a wee bit gleeful. He didn’t keep that car for very long, probably because it was a constant reminder of the painful lesson of manifesting from the level of ego.

The popular book (and movie), The Secret, reveals one of the important aspects of this law, which is “the law of attraction”. It is true that we bring into our lives that which we think and feel strongly about. In other words, “thoughts become things”. However, like looking through the proverbial keyhole to see what is happening in the room beyond, this is a mere fraction of the whole picture. The real secret behind The Secret is that without some deeper self-examination about our desires, fears and true motivations, we manifest from a place of extreme limitation. We become even more entangled in the sticky web of ego.

This is a painful hindrance on the path of Self-discovery and can even be dangerous. Especially for people who are on a conscious spiritual path and who desire to help the planet at this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution, manifesting without the level of clarity and purity that self inquiry brings is a treacherous diversion. With the planet in such extreme peril, we can no longer afford to distract ourselves by playing in these distorted, delusional realms.

Manifesting from a selfish place and calling it “spiritual” really amounts to nothing more than the sanctification of greed. The urgency of our global predicament demands more of us now. It is time to stop manifesting by looking through the keyhole of the limited ego, to burst open the door of the hidden unconscious self, to shine the light on the shadows in the basement and reveal the luminous treasure house of true abundance that awaits us.

A corollary to the law of “Ask and You Shall Receive” is that we are usually much better off asking for qualities of the heart and soul because they develop a higher caliber of character, rather than simply asking for material things. For example, ask for qualities such as: integrity, discernment, balance, clarity, more energy and light, generosity, the wisdom to serve the Earth in the highest way, the ability to love more, and so forth. From those enlightened characteristics, we make better choices in what we manifest.

One of the ways to avoid manifesting from ego is to practice manifesting selflessly instead of selfishly. We have the power to change the outcome of crises, such as: global warming, the extinction of species, terrorism, wars, and so forth. When we ask for something of value for the Earth or somebody else, it is much more powerful than asking for material things for ourselves.

It is also okay to ask for material possessions for ourselves, but we must first examine our motives. Are they selfishly oriented? Is it appropriate for the times we are living in? Is it really something we need? To people of conscience and maturity, manifesting nowadays from the place of glamour, status or selfishness feels inappropriate. Playing with manifestation, where God is like a cosmic Santa Claus fulfilling our selfish desires, is really an extreme beginner’s level. In the paradigm of the Flow, we learn to ask primarily for qualities of the heart and soul and for what we can give, and in return Spirit sees our needs and brings them to us without our having to ask. Our service opens the way for the flow of our needs to be fulfilled very quietly and gracefully.

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