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Everyone is a Buddha

January 31st, 2011

seated buddhaAll of life is inherently sacred—unfolding perfectly beyond any humanly organized intention, religion, ritual or dogma. There is no doubt that all the life-forms within creation are imbued and suffused with life-force, prana and presence—and there are no exceptions to this truth. Even inanimate substance such as rock with its slowed down vibration is composed of prana and intelligent presence. Everything in our universe is unrelentingly now and forever, spirit’s presence. Every “thing” and every “one” is what we call God. There is no such thing as “not God.”

Everyone sees it. They might say, “I don’t see it even though I want to.” The fact is everyone sees and knows it at some level of their being. But their egos get in the way and won’t let them know that they see it. Ah yes, it is the ego, that artificial construct of the human mind, born of our supposed fall into separation and limitation—that rules the moment when we lost our ability to see and know the truth. The ego birthed our blindness to the ultimate truth of existence.

How is it possible that we do not recognize the essence from which we are inherently made? What irony! Subtle essence lies just on the edge of our awareness in the shadows of our subconscious awareness. We may catch flashes of it once in awhile, yet we doubt its existence so much that we allow the ego mind to suppress the “seeing.” The doubt itself is part of the ego’s self-condemnation into the punishing state of separation. Are we ready to rectify that mistake now?

To gain the ability to see or know presence, one has to desire that seeing, believe in it, even if doubt is present. We have to be willing to reach for it and bring it to conscious. With secular life the way it is, filled with endless distractions seemingly far more tempting and tangible in nature than spirit, we tend to reach for those distractions rather than struggle with opening our blind spots to that which is seemingly quite ephemeral. Yet, paradoxically when we do try to find the sacred, we are in for a life that is completely uncommon—a life that will surpass our wildest expectations and dreams, and bypass the boredom (or excitement) of the so-called secular, ordinary world.

Spirit’s call to us to become aware of the sacredness of life is ongoing, always present in the subtle caves and heavens of our unconscious mind and thus locked out of most people’s reach. When one fully says “Yes” to the direct perception of the sacred in everything, something truly fascinating happens. Dormant circuits begin to light up in our awareness and a new level of “seeing” starts entering our perception.

If we are appreciative and eager, Spirit unfurls her subtle secrets in myriad ways—slowly at first, then faster and faster. Eventually a quickening takes place in our awareness, which begins to reveal ever-increasing levels of subtlety in everything we see and do, and in everything we partake of in this life. Saying “Yes” to Spirit is an ever-present calling that nowadays is beginning to look like an imperative for the survival of this world.

What makes it so important to catch spirit this time around? Won’t our next lifetime do just as well? The answer is that this is the lifetime when there is an unprecedented opportunity to catch an immense wave of change and move our souls evolution forward light years. The speeding up of the global vibration is happening right now, as we approach the threshold of 2012. It will take us forward in one great big quantum leap. Imagine an unprecedented dispensation simply for the asking. A gift, an offer we can’t refuse. Can we rise to the occasion now that we are within a hair’s breadth of the gift offered from Source?

We have finally reached what many call the end times—the times predicted when we must reclaim our lost innocence, our authentic Self, the One that became buried eons ago by egoic mind, cynicism, entitlement and competitiveness and the choice for limitation in life. These predicted times are a once-in-a-megacycle opportunity to move beyond separation, to leave the duality, moving beyond the spin of negative and positive polarity, the electro-magnetic jail we live in, and return into the expansive unity of our original state.

We do this by choosing love in every moment that a choice presents itself. It is a choice to experience and live fully in unified consciousness rather than in states of limited consciousness. This is a life-changing choice which, when made fully with passion and conviction, sets in motion forces of transformation and awakening. At a mundane level without us quite realizing it, we are being faced with this choice to love many times every day, in all our big and small interpersonal dramas.

Love is the force that connects and joins every seemingly separate thing back together. When we are in love, we are connected up with oneness. The choice to pull back—to enter conflict and see an enemy outside oneself—is the choice to separate. The path of love is a long and challenging journey but is always worth every arduous step, because it leads us into unity with ONE-Self.

It takes strength to hold love and its eternal viewpoint in the face of the tribulations we are seeing all around us. Yet if we can come to accept that we are each a Buddha, we can hold everyone in compassion with their choices. This is the beginning of the countdown to 2012.

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